Saturday, July 23, 2005

Personalities shining!

This picture is such a perfect representation of Ben and Megan's personalities. Ben is holding back a little. Not quite sure of himself but still happy. And little Megan, totally unreserved in every way. There is never a need to wonder what she's thinking or how she's feeling. And of course Ben is naked in this picture..AGAIN!
Friends asked me the other day if he ever has clothes on. Yes he does, every day after breakfast we go upstaires and dress him. But everytime he uses the toilet off come the pants AND shirt sometimes. After redressing him the first few times in the morning I've had enough and he stays naked. Clothes only go back on if we're going out or people are coming in. And he is learning now to get the pants back on himself. Is being two and being naked such a bad thing anyways?

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