Friday, August 05, 2005


Yes, work is more dull and bland than melba toast some days. But if I take a moment to stand and look out beyond my hammer and nail there is a world of courageous beauty and gentle rolling peace that seems so elusive, so close some days, I can't see it. I praise God for this privilege and blessing. Standing here at the peak of the house we're building, I catch an echo of God's shouting. He is here all around me, so obvious, so grand. No wonder, when God came no when recognized Him, no one recongnized their Creator. He came to us, and we were too busy, too stressed, too annoyed with inconvenience that we let Him pass us by. Train my heart to find You in my fastest pace.

( click on the picture for larger view. I am standing on the house we're building. It continues to the left. It is 8200 square feet and costs close to 2 million dollars. That is Skaha Lake below with Penticton to the right. )

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