Monday, August 01, 2005


Eatin yougurt on the beach
Always in "Grumpy's" (grandpa's) boat
Literally the only way to keep Megan still.
Sulking in the "crab towel"

This past week we hauled the family off to Moyie lake for a "holiday". I say "holiday" because anytime a person brings along two toddlers along it no longer becomes a relaxing vacation but a busy, 'can't sit still for more than five minutes because my naked daughter keeps running off down the beach with the chips' kind of vacation. But, even amongst all the running around and caring for the kids, it still managed to be wonderful and relaxing. Heck I even read a whole Book!! And got halfway through another. I am very thankful for my family for helping out so much. My dad would literally just follow Megan around up and down the road, through the bushes and back again just so we could make dinner. Thanks dad! We couldn't have lasted the whole week without my loving family!

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Amanda said...

Hooray for updated blogs! You are a great writer, Christy; your kids are so adorable; your blog rocks!