Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm not sure if Megan is scowling because she's tired of the summer heat of if she's grouchy that it will soon be over. Either way it's apparent that she's not impressed. It certaily couldn't be that her hair is hanging in her face and she wishes that I'd cut it. Sorry Megan you'll thank me in the end. We must avoid the "bowl" at all costs. But I must admit she looks pretty cute all mad and stuff with her hair all crazy. It's a good thing too because she's usually angry fifty percent of the time on a good day. I mean really, what kind of parent doesn't let her 18 month old play with steak knives? The nerve! And running out into traffic!? Who do I think I am to stop her from doing that? No wonder the poor child is so frustrated, it's that restrictive mother of hers.
Okay enough sarcasm. But, does she have to get so angry at me for saving her life? Oh well, maybe she'll thank me on her wedding day. And if not, that's okay too. The reason we're parents is not so we can be appreciated and praised. But a little every now and then sure would be nice. What am I talking about!? I recived the sweetest gift of my parenting life from megan last night. How could I have forgotten? Oh, my heart can hardly handle such things! When I was putting Megan to bed last night I was holding her non-cuddly, squirmy little self. I started humming into her little ears and her face exploded into a smile behind her soother and she started swaying back and forth humming right along with me. Not the same song but one straight from her little heart and directly into mine. She nuzzled her head into my neck and every few seconds kept popping her head back up to look into my eyes and smile at me from behind her soother. And then... she stopped and looked into my eyes, she leaned towards me to give me a kiss but her soother was still in her mouth, so she leaned back, yanked it out and then planted the softest, sweetest little kiss on my mouth that it's ever experienced. Never has she shown me in such a way that she loves me. How much more precious is love freely given when it's not demanded? How wonderful and surprising to receive so rich and precious a gift as the love of of a child. That was one of those moments that will forever be a favourite of mine between my daughter and mine. May God remind me of this moment when times of trial and frustration block our path. And they certainly will come. My Maggie, thank you for loving me so openly and freely.

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Amanda Brown said...

I love hearing you talk about parenthood, Christy! You are such a good mom and you just radiate love for your kids.