Wednesday, August 10, 2005


This is Mouse. Our very first pet. Mouse is a baby mouse that Dustin found trembling helplessly at his work site yesterday. So, being the loving and gentle person that he is, he took him home for Ben to enjoy. We asked Ben what his name was and all he could think of was "Mouse"! So that's what it is. Dustin spent alot of time making a little house out of a few pop bottles we had laying around. Don't worry, there's air holes. Mouse was the highlight of the kids day. Megan would climb over Dustin trying desperately to get a better look. Meanwhile repeating "HI mouse, hi mouse, hi mouse," it was cute. However this morning after seeing Mouse stumble about his little mouse housefor a few hours I thought something was wrong. And sure enough, at about ten little mouse was pronounced dead. I haven't told Ben yet, he keeps aking where Mouse is but I don't want him looking at much less touching a dead mouse or anything. By the way, he's alive in the picture, only sleeping, so you can think it's cute and not gross. He really was a cute little guy. Maybe we'll have to get a little hamster. Poor Mouse.

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