Friday, September 09, 2005

Baby Doll!

Sometimes having a child is almost like being seven again and you have a really pretty new doll that you can't wait to drees up in cute little clothes and go show your mom.
Mommy look how cute my baby is, I dressed her and did her hair ALL BY MYSELF!!
She did kick me in the face a few times and tried to claw my eyes out when I put her hair in pig tails but I did it and doesn't she look pretty?
Girls are definitely more fun to dress and make pretty. I don't really even bother with Ben anymore. Seriously, even if I do dress him and make him look all cute as soon as he goes to use the potty, off come the shirt and the socks and the pants and undies. Then I only put them back on if we're going out somewhere. It's gotten to the point that if I try do dress him he says "Where are we going mommy?"
"Nowhere. I'm just tired of your seeing your naked bum all day long."(cute as it is)
Oh well, Megan can be my dolly. Until she turns into a tombay and refuses to wear anything feminine. Or worse turns into her brother and refuses to keep any clothes on at all. I might as well be living in a trailer down by the river eating fried chicken, barefoot in a mumu with all my nude children running around. Ain't that a pretty mental picture.


Amanda Brown said...

OK, seriously, that picture of Megan in the khakis and little tangerine collared adorable that I think I just got diarrhea again.
She's growing up so fast!

Adele said...

All I can say is I want one!

Anonymous said...

Having girls is so much fun. One of my secret joys (well, not so secret anymore)is each night while they are in the tub, picking out their little outfits for the next day and setting them out. Doing their hair is fun too, when it's successful. Meg is so beautiful. I still can't believe how cute she is. I'm glad you had a girl. You're too girly yourself to be stuck in a household of men.
Love Danica