Monday, September 26, 2005


Here's an actual conversation between 18 month old Megan and her mommy.
Mommy: Megan Ready? ONE!
(I figured she'd had that one down)
Mommy: Three!
Megan: Four!
(whoa! She can go up to four!)
Mommy: FIVE!
Megan: Six!
(What a little smarty pants she is!)
Mommy: Seven
Megan: Eight!
(What the heck! How does she know this?!)
Mommy: Nine!
Megan: TEN!
Mommy: Ummm, Dustin did you just hear that?
Daddy: Yes...if I hadn't heard it firsthand I wouldn't have believed you.


Amanda Brown said...

That's INSANE! What a little genius she is. I'll change her poopy diaper any day, just to know I was looking at the turd of a prodigy! :)

Becky said...

Yay Megan!! Now if you get her to do t again I will be truly amazed. Love you!

Stephanie said...

WOW christy, she's all grown up! that is so sweet.

nelly said...

thats my girl, mom

Danica said...

I wonder if your kids could help me with my taxes? I can never get that long divison right.

Matthew G

Lisa said...

How wonderful! While my 17 month old is the most active superbaby ever...he only has about 5 words! It must be wonderful to converse with her at her level and see what's going on inside that head of hers!