Monday, September 12, 2005

So the whining will stop.

Apparently now, my dad is wondering when it's his turn to make an appearance on the old Heigh Family Blog.
Well, I'm more than happy to put your smiling face where millions can potentially view it. They should be so lucky.
So I suppose now I have to say some really nice things about your amazing awesomeness or something right dad? Well, where does one begin when the list is so eternally long? You want a post? I'll give you a post!
Sort of.
Well, this is one of the only times I can say whatever I want about you without you teasing me. Why do dad's feel that teasing thier daughters unmercifully is the most effective method to display thier love and affection to them? At least that is the way of my father. The more I was mocked, made fun of, teased the more he was supposedly displaying his affection for me. You know hugs work too dad.
Well, in truth I've had enough of those too to know that I am very loved indeed by my daddy. He may not be the first guy in a room to break down into to tears and gush about his true feelings on a particular issue.Though he is very soft at heart. At times those high, strong walls which contain a vault of emotions will break down and the authenticity of his feelings are revealed. To the particular delight of my mother.
Those who know my dad hold him in very high regard. He is respected and admired and loved by a great multitude of people. I feel very proud and honored to be one of four to call him dad. In all the years I've known him, I've yet to hears speak negatively about someone. Not even those who have hurt him or have given reason to be spoken badly of. He will never. And for that I am in awe. If only we all could be so non-judgemental. If only we could quit our slander and gossip and give people the chance to be free to change and grow and show us thier true character. Just as I've seen my dad do for others hundreds of times over.
(Just a little more gushing and bragging okay dad and then I'll be done and you won't have to complain anymore about the lack of Harold on the Heigh Blog) Did I mention that his name is Harold? Yes, Harold George Vriend. Loving and devoted husband of twenty nine years to the afforementioned Nelly Vriend. Not only is my dad the least judgemental person that know he is also the most generous. If you were to ask a favour of him, no matter how big he won't think twice about being there for you. Freely giving of his time and resources and most of all his caring spirit. If I can be even a little bit like my dad, I would be so proud.
So there! It's all true, every word. I love my dad and I love to see him falling in love more and more with his little grandchildren who are learning to fondly refer to him as "Grumpy." Love you dad and we miss you over here in Summerland.
I suppose I also can't forget an important fact for all the guys out there reading this that my dad is THE MAN, when it comes to hunting. He can out hike a twenty year old. He can, navigate a dense forest, find wild animals, shoot, skin and hike out with the bloody thing. (Pun intended) And then with his own two hands stuff it to resemble a once living creature. Not my bag baby but he sure can swing it. Plus, he can landscape LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS. Way to go dad!You're mine and everone else's hero.


Angella said...

I'm so happy for you that you have a great daddy. You forgot some important info that would appeal to the guys who read your blog - your dad kills wild animals & STUFFS THEM. Only boys will fully appreciate that

Danica said...

Christy, I love both your parents. I've only met them a few times but they left such an impression on me. I was always super impressed with your relationship with your mom - even before you had kids. I'm not joking either. Sometimes when I worry about my girls' teen years and if they will hate me, the way I and my teenage girlfriends hated our mothers, I think about everything I know about your mom and I wonder, how can I do it the way Nelly did it?

Manda said...

Christy~ I couldn't agree more with you about your dad. He is an amazing guy and together with your mom have made me feel like one of their own daughters. Dustin & Travis I'm sure can relate to this. So I guess you can amend the lucky four to the lucky seven - hopefully 8 one day :0)