Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This is why you eat your broccoli

Last night as per usual, Ben did not want to eat his vegetables. We have a new rule at our house that he has to leat at least one or two bites of everything before he gets to leave the table. There he sat in his chair with one broccoli, one carrot, and one piece of meat in front of him.
After watching Ben poke and push the food around Dustin tryed to convince Ben to eat. "You know Ben, mommy works really hard making dinner for you and if you eat your supper that shows mommy that you lover her. And Ben daddy works very hard so that you can have good food to eat to grow big and strong."
He pondered that for a minute still poking at his dinner. Then he looked up and looked Dustin straight in the eyes "Daddy thank you for giving!"
Dustin smiled at me, "Your welcome Ben, and you still need to eat your dinner."
And he did.

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