Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Obsession.

Here is Megan, as she can usually be found. Clutching her blankie. This little blanket was bought for her before she was even born. You see, when I was little I had a little blanket very similar to this one. So, it holds a special place in my heart as well. Especially since (I've been told) one of my aunts fed mine to a cow while babysitting me as a child. Without my permission might I add. So, when I found this little blanket at WalMart I was so excited to be able to see my daughter attach herself to somthing simillar to what I had as a child. And attach herself she has. So much so that we've already had to replace it twice because her scatterbrained mother keeps leaving it places. And now the one she has is getting a little worn and dirty from her dragging it all over creation.
Today I was in WalMart on the search to replace it once again. But, alas it's been discontinued. I did manage to find one simillar to hers. It is in fact an exact replica except it has a bear's head instead of a kitty. I think it's even cuter than the one she already has. There is a picture below.

Scenario happens as such. Megan wakes from her nap calling for her dirty blankie which has fallen behind the crib. Mommy picks her up and excitedly explains how she will be recieving a newer, better, less ratty blankie! Mommy brings her downstairs and presents her with clean, new, cute blanket. Megan looks at the blanket looks at her mother in a "are you kidding me?" sort of way. She picks blanket up, examines it, pokes at the bear stating the obvious fact that it is indeed a bear and then drops blanket on floor. Looks back up at mommy...
Mommy retrieves old stinky blankie. To the obvious elation of her daughter. As determined by the squeals of delight and fierce hugging of smelly, old blankie.

I really thought she'd like the new one. It's much softer and very simillar to the old one. But, I guess it's like someone taking away your oldest, wornest most favouritest pair of jeans and giving you a new pair. New is always good. But the old ones are still the most comfortable and the ones you will want to wear at home. Maybe the new blankie can be for goin out on the town. Her "I'm lookin hot" blanket.
That, or it will make a cute gift for someone having a baby. Which I'm sure will be more than a few in the next while. ;)

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Becky said...

she is so cute. Remember my clown blankie we forgot in disneyland?? I sure do. I think I can sympathise with Megan for not wanting a new blankie. The corners of mine were all worn out and nice from me sucking on it and my fingers. New blankies are no replacement for good ones. I don't think I will find a clown blankie for my little girl! (although I think I will be able to find something a lot cuter.)