Monday, October 03, 2005

Tenderhearted Ben.

So Megan started crying this morning at like five am. Shortly thereafter Ben came crawling into the bed beside me. We lay there for awhile in the dark, listening to the sound of the cars splashing through the puddles on the road.
"Mommy do you hear Megan crying?"
"Mmhhhmmm." I didn't want to get up yet. It's cruel to demand your body to get out of bed while it's still dark outside.
"Mommy, can I go see her and we can pray for no scary dreams."
"Do you think she had a scary dream?"
"Yeah, and we should go see her and pray wif her. Cuz then she won't be scared anymore."
"Because Jesus is always with us and we don't need to be afraid right?"

If there's one thing I want my children to learn in this life. It's to cry out to God when they endure struggles or face fears or endure pain. And not even just then. But, to wake up every morning and call out to the one who created them. In thanks and praise for a new day.


Jen said...


I'm a friend of Amanda Brown's. I check out your blog once in awhile.
Hope that's o.k.!

You have such a sweet family. I love reading your posts. Your heart for God is so visible. You children are so precious.

By the way, I got a magazine in the mail yesterday and the model on the front looked exactly like you. I thought "Wow, that looks a lot Christy!". Funny how I don't know you but it seems like I do. :)

Becky said...

That is so cute. good Mom'ing Chris!! This is kinda unrelated, but I can't get my links to work. can you email me the section of code or whatever that your links are in? Thanks so much, sis! ( Love you! Blog on!

Lisa said...

That is so extremely sweet! My oldest just said to me the other day that he was praying to God to help save me :). Isn't it the greatest thing when they have such love for their siblings?