Thursday, November 24, 2005

Can't you just see wny I fell in love with him?


Amanda Brown said...

No. No, I can't.
JUST KIDDING! You snagged yourself a dimpled hottie and you should be proud!

Jen said...

Yes I can! ;)

Adele said...

My husband will probably kill me for agreeing but your hubbie is kinda cute!

Angella said...

You guys are a beautiful couple. I just prefer tall, blonde, Dutch men.
I mean, my tall, blonde, Dutch husband.

Elizabeth said...

Ditto with Ange on the tall, blonde, Dutch husband!!
But I would not pick anyone other than you for Dustin, and none other than Dustin for you.
We miss you...:(
Liz (and Justin)

Stephanie said...

Definitely a cutie, but Brad is the one who ever first brought up that Dustin was a good looking guy (in a completely co-worker friendship sort of way) so I'm allowed to agree. I can't say that my general trend has always been towards cute round red headed boys..probably more tall blondes like some of the other girls have mentioned...but I just like my cute little round red headed boy!