Monday, November 21, 2005

My favourite things?

My good friend Ange posted today about her favourite things, as today was Oprah's yearly show where she talks about her favourite gizmo's and gadgets of the year. Well, not only does she talk about them, she gives each of everything to EVERY audience member. I was trying to add up the cost in my head but after a bit it just got to be too much. Giving a Sony VIAO laptop DVD player to each person was enough to top 200 grand!! I was happy for those men and women getting all thier free loot, but after a bit I was beginning to feel the effects of greed, jealousy and selfishness. I want a cashmere sweater too..., as is they all got a blackberry, I want one! Who cares if I'd never use it, or that I don't even know how to use it. They're cool. If I had one I'm pretty sure I'd be an inch or so cooler than everyone else. Wouldn't I be?

Well, after reading Angella's Blog today I started thinking also about what my favourite things are. The REALLY, meaningful things that make my heart cry out. Here's a few if you care to read them.

~The Love of God. Love that breaks down barriers, heals, forgives, saves, gives peace and joy. Love that's overwhelming, boundless, freeing, life changing...

~The gift of my Dustin. A gift I didn't look for, ask for or deserve. A gift that almost wasn't mine. My perfect match and soul mate.

~ My Ben... shy and gentle, sentitive and smart, beautiful and funny, goofy and cute. So like Dustin.

~My Megan...beautiful and bright, cheerful and determined, feisty yet sensitive, stubborn and hilarious. So like myself.

~ Napping outside in the warm sun on a cool day, or the cool shade on a hot day.

~ Tobogganing or skiing with family after a fresh dump of snow. And then hot chocolate and a movie after.

~ Christmas and all that comes with it. The music, the lights, the food, the friends and family, the laughter, the tears. Celebrating Jesus.

~ The first time walking outside without a coat after winter.

~ Making new friends.

~ Seeing old friends.

~ Singing. Especially when it's with other people praising God for His goodness and faithfullness.

~ Girls nights.

~ Hot dates with Dustin.

~ Watching my kids sleep.

~Nursing a baby for the first time.

~ Seeing my parents flirt and hug eachother.

~ Lindor chocolates. Melty, chocolatey goodness.

~ The feeling I get after a really good intense workout. I've almost forgotten what that feels like it's been so long. Maybe I feel that way cuz I'm just so happy it's over.

~ Taking good pictures on a manual camera.

~ Steve Bell music.

~ Seeing a man soften to the tender, innocent, unconditional love of a child.

~Fresh buns and butter.

~ Getting a pedicure done with a friend.

~ Looking down into the eyes of your new baby after waiting for so long to meet them. Nothing is quite the same as that moment.

~ Watching HOUSE. My most favouritest show ever. (btw. I know favouritest isn't a word )

~ A new hair cut. Unless it's too short or something and then it could me added to my least favourite things list.

Well, I could probly sit here for hours coming up with a hundred or more different things. It's good to think about the things that really matter. Happy American Thanksgiving!



Angella said...

How could I forget the BUNS ?!?

Danielle said...

Just wanted to zip off a quick note to let you know how blessed I am, (we all are) to have you in our family, Christy. I love how you love my lil' brother. I always hoped for a woman for him that would sing his praises, honour and respect him, and fill him with the confidence, contentment and glee that you bring him. You are such a gift to him and therefore to me. It is just a heaven sent bonus that I have found a friendship I treasure in you as well. Thank you, Christy. For loving God, for loving Dustin, for being an example to me. You warm my heart!

Love, Danielle

Jen said...

Another great list! I agree with you on so many of those things. I think we have a lot in common.

Amanda Brown said...

Christy, I am shocked and hurt "having Amanda invade my home every lunch hour" didn't make it on your list! :)

Janice Vandyk said...

Doesn't it just make you sick how much stuff she gives away?! I don't even watch her favorite things cause i get way to jealeous!! I know i am blessed with what i have, but wouldn't it be nice...

sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

Great list! I had been thinking of composing a similar one myself. WE get so caught up in what we think we DON'T HAVE sometimes that its good for us to take a look at what we really do have and what really matters. Happy Thanksgiving!