Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Weekend Away.

Sorry, I know how anxiously you all have been awaiting my next post. Well, I do have life aside from Blogger you know? Hard to believe isn't it?

So we packed up again and took another road trip out to Abbotsford to have some good old homegrown family time. For the first time EVER the entirety of Dustin's immediate family, including grandkids, met together. It was a bit of a zoo but ultimately wonderful. Danielle was an amazing host as per usual and the kids were relatively well behaved. Ben had a great time getting his cousins Chloe and Keaton to giggle at him. Ben is definitely more attracted to little babies than Megan. Maybe it's just thier age difference but Ben really loves being around little babies. And he's just so gentle with them. But Ben is generally a very gentle person anyways. Maybe that's what makes him so great at being a big cousin and brother.

Getting together with Dustin's family is always a blast. They are such amazing, fun, loving people who have always made me feel like I'm a part of their family. I really wish that I could see more of them. It's definitely a whole new dynamic with us all having kids. We can't seem to carry on a conversation until all the kids are down for the night. And by that time we were all too tired to even be remotely coherent. That is until Danielle whipped out the Lindor chocolates. Oh my WORD! Those are yummy. When I was preggers with Megan I ate enough of those to feed a small country. Which would explain why I ended up weighing ALOT at the end of it. Those chocolates will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Jen said...

I have been wondering where you are! Sounds nice like you had a nice weekend. The kids are all so cute. :)