Thursday, November 17, 2005

Why i will never drink caffeinated beverages right before I go to bed AGAIN!

I'll tell you why I will never drink caffeinated beverages before I go to bed EVER AGAIN! Because it's midnight and my head is slowly making 36o degree circles as my eyes stare unblinking into an oblivion of dreamless, sleepless, night. I want to go to sleep! The minute I lay down my brain goes into "if I don't have the next five years of my life perfectly planned out before I fall asleep my head will explode and the force of it will wake my dear, hard working, SLEEPING husband" mode. So, I got out of bed and spent half an hour looking for a set of keys that went missing earlier this week. Which hasn't bothered me up until I decided to drink Diet Coke fifteen minutes before climbing into bed. I even called Red Robin's restaurant at eleven thirty to see if we left them there last weekend. Yes, I could wait until tomorrow to do this but why would do that?! Why oh why would I ever allow myself a good night sleep when I can run around my house like a mad woman searching for a set of key that doesn't need to be found right this minute. Because if I don't BAD STUFF WILL HAPPEN! Or at least that's what my subconscious is telling me or trust me I'd be asleep right now. Would you believe that I even walked down the steps OUTSIDE in the cold, dark, night and searched our van to try find them. Man there's a lot of old, crusty, french fries in there. And one pair of pee stained pants. Not mine mind you!
Well, all this venting has helped calm me a little. That and I did, in fact, find the keys I was so desperately searching for. IN DUSTIN'S JACKET POCKET! UUUUUUGGH!

Previous conversation:
Honey have you seen the mail keys? I haven't seen them in a few days.

No I haven't.

Are you sure? I thought you got the mail a few days ago.

No I haven't gotten the mail or used those keys in a LONG time.

Oh okay. But we really should find those keys.

Well, You're the one who uses them all the time...

Once again. Ugh! Mystery solved. Wife is once again in the right and victorious. Husband once again owes wife bigtime. My biggest consolation is I get to go out shopping and to a movie with the girls this weekend. I CAN'T WAIT! Now if only I can get meeself to sleep.

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sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

Hate it when that happens. But, the wife is usually right! Thats been my experience. What movie are you going to see? That sounds fun.