Thursday, December 29, 2005

Our Year in Review.

Well, the year is coming to an end and it's been a great one. Fast and furious but Great. Last year, we brought in the new year in a hotel in Calgary. Me, Dustin and my entire side of the family. We got no sleep and the next day we headed out to Mexico. It was the trip of a life time. Sun, sand, ocean, palm trees, drinks, nachos, and beautiful precious laughter.

After we got back to "the real world" we continued in our routine of daily life. Dustin working alongside his friend and business partner Luke Reimer, and me at home with our two amazing kids.

Last year Megan celebrated her first birthday in March. It seems odd to me, that she's only one. That girl never ceases to amaze me. She speaks at the level of a two and a half year old and has been running around since she was nine months old. She certainly has a mind of her own but is one of the sweetest most beautiful little girls I've ever known. If she weren't my own I'd sure wish she was. And therefore I'm thrilled to call her my daughter.

Ben turned three in August. The older he gets the more I realise how much like Dustin he is. He's goofy and fun when he wants to be but he's quiet and gentle at the heart of him. He loves to play alone but also enjoys a good party. He's very observant and smart, cautious and yet still adventurous. I'm really enjoying the stage he's at right now. He listens but usually only when it suits him but overall he does aim to please us. He's learning who Jesus is and I'm seeing what a kind and loving brother he's growing up to be. And he certainly is growing up fast. Ben starts "puddle jumpers" next week. It's a play school for 3-5 year olds. I look forward to a bit of freedom in the mornings for two days a week.

Dustin and I continue to enjoy our wonderful church family here at Summerland Baptist Church. Dustin this fall has managed to dive headfirst into children and family's ministry. He helps out every Sunday morning leading large and small groups. He's becoming quite a celebrity there as he's been involved in a few dramas as well. I'm so proud of him as I know he's allowing God to use him and the full scope of his gifts and abilities there at the church. He also painted a large meaningful mural in the youth room that's started a few good conversations.
I guess, other than being a full time mommy, I've been doing the same things. I'm still involved in music at the church and getting out with my amazing friends here most chances I get.
We love it here and pray that we can watch our kids live out thier childhoods here in Summerland.

This New Year comes with changes on the horizon, hope, excitement and just a little bit of fear. We're planning to sell our home in the spring and move into a home that's better suited to our growing family. I'm looking forward to the possibility of going back to work part time. And we both anticipate the amazing things God has yet to do in our hearts and lives this year. What hardships will we endure and how will it make us better learn to trust in His faithfulness. It's kind of wierd cuz I feel like a big change in on the way for us. I'm not exactly sure what that all means but I hope our hearts are ready for it whatever it is.

Thank you all for being a part of our lives and helping us grow to be the people we are today. Lets keep sharpening one another and reminding eachother to slow down and worship our Heavenly Father. God Bless Friends!

Happy New Year!


Adele said...

Happy New Year Guys it's been fantastic getting to know you all this year and you've truly been a blessing in mine and Craig's lives.

Stender Statement said...

Oh Christy! I love reading your blog. It's so great because I feel like I'm a part of your life. It's so fun to get updates on your kids and you and Dustin. And you always have such a great way of reminding us that its all about Jesus. Love you guys lots and miss you. Nance

Chryslyn said...

Hey Christy.
You have the most beautiful family. Happy New Year!

nelly said...


Angella said...

We're sure glad to be able to call you guys friends!

Amanda Brown said...

Great post, Christy! It's going to be a great year ahead, I can feel it!