Friday, January 27, 2006


Amanda wrote a funny post the other day about a childhood memeory she has of puking all over herself at the mall and then her mom just taking her home without telling anyone. Well, I've got a pretty good story from when I was a kid too. I'd like to tell you that I was two or something but shamefully I think it was closer to five. Well, there i was totally BORED out of my tree sitting in church. SO, why not take a little nap. THe only thing is I had to pee SO bad. In my dream I came across a big, white procelain toilet. Oh how wonderful! Until I felt the jabbing pains of my mom's elbow in my ribs.
"Christy! Are you peeing?!"
Stop. Think. Feel wetness on my bum. Yes, yes I did.
SO, my mom and I got up and tactfully left for home leaving my dad and two brothers behind with a big puddle of pee sitting there on the wooden bench. Unfortunatly for them, the bench had a slope to it. As the sermon droned on and on, the pee crept towards them inch by inch. Until there was nowhere left for them to squish.
Well, what do think my inventive father did?
He really and truly picked up my little brother and proceed to swish him back and forth over the puddle absorbing it into his three year old pants so as to not experince the urine on his own precious pants. Oh yes, he did.
My mom is telling me thet the people behind them just about peed THIER pants watching this spectacle. My brother does not speak of this. Nor do we. At least not when he is around.
Honestly though. I was THRILLED to get to leave church early. Who knows? Maybe I did it on purpose!



Stephanie said...

that is an awesome story christy. Kind of like the one you told about you and the kitchen sink... At least I got out of telling my embarassing peeing story that night

Joyce said...

I remember that that was hilarious!! I think your brother cried and made a spectical(sp) in the CAN REF CHURCH!!!!!!! Ahhhh good times when that happened to Nelly's kids and not mine:)

Poetsch Family said...

Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angella said...

There you are! Glad you made it safe & sound...but when are you coming back? Graham keeps saying, "Ben coming back soon?"


Robyn said...

Hi Christy, I hope its ok that I read your blog (I followed the links from Jen's). That story made me laugh out loud several times, and I needed that today so thank you!

Amanda Brown said...

Glad I'm not the only one with an embarassing story like that. I am even MORE glad that you're safe and sound at your parents place and that you're finding the time to blog while you're away. I miss you!! :)

Manda said...

Seriously that's funny. I've heard it quite a few times now and its still funny!!! Poor unka dawwen.