Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This is why I need laser eye surgery!

Those who have known me for many years can attest to the fact that I'm a bit of a scatterbrain. And this has gotten me into trouble from time to time. One of the ways in which this sctterbrainedness has not benefitted me is in the area of breakable things. Namely, my glasses. In high school there was many a time that I took my glsses off for some reason or another and put them down only to forget about them. Then at the end of the day I'd be called down to the office and have the school secretary hand over my glasses in peices. My mom always said "On your face or in the case!!". Now, as I got older I've gotten much better at taking care of my glasses. My kids not.
I recieved a new pair of glesses not even a yesar ago (to replace the ones the children shredded to peices) and not long after that Megan ripped one of the arms off. Not bad considering the previous damages. Thankfully, my mom has a friend here in Lethbridge who fixed them free of charge. I went with Becca today to pick them up and imagine my glee when they told me no charge! SO, I wore them out of the store and to the Bay where we had a bit of shopping to do. I didn't want to get a headache which is what usually happens after not wearing glasses for awhile and then wearing them again. I opted to leave them safe in the car. Only somehow between exiting the vehicle and getting back in again later they slipped onto the floor and I promtly stepped on them on the way back in. the same arm. OFF. And not only off but snapped right through the plastic.


I was VERY unimpressed. Becky however seemed to find this all quite amusing. So, tomorrow we go to buy yet ANOTHER new set of frames.

Would someone please sponsor me for laser eye surgery?


Adele said...

I know I shouldn't laugh but it is kinda funny,you're such a blonde (in a scattterbrain way not in the dumb way)

Amanda Brown said...

You make-uh me laugh. I MISS YOU. I bash my head against my desk every day to take the pain of your absence away. Sometimes the pain on the outside is easier to deal with than the pain on the inside. COME HOME, Lassie! I miss you. :)

Angella said...

Do the surgery!
And come home!

jenessaandjulian said...

Hello there - its been a while. I ma just starting to make my own bog and found yours! This entry did make me laugh because I remember sitting on your glasses in jr high after you's left them in convenient places like on a chair!
Jenessa Fowke (Vande Griend)

jenessaandjulian said...

p.s- I can spell and am not from the southern U.S (..after you's left them i convenient places...) This keyboard sucks and I'm sick of it.s