Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Adventures in parenting.

So, last night at one in the morning I found myself sitting in the Emergency Room, with Megan on my lap kicking and screaming. Neither of us wanted to be there but sometimes, a mother will do whatever it takes to give her the peace of mind to sleep at night.

It all started out yesterday with a fever in the morning. Megan lay on the couch all morning drifting in and out of consciousness. That is until her Tylenol kicked in and she remebered how much more fun it is to be conscious and driving her mother insane. Then, last night she woke up at around ten again fighting a high fever only this time she was acting very odd and delusional. Almost pranoid and panicked. When I went into her room she was practically climbing the walls in fear. Everything was "scary". I couldn't even hold her without her freaking out about the walls or the curtains or the chair we were sitting on. The looked as though she were trying to take things off of her skin. She hold her bare hand out to me and plea for me to "take it off!" "Sceery!" That's when we started to worry and decided to call the nursing hotline and followed her advice to take her in.

It's in those moments, in the dark, driving your child to the hospital not knowing what's wrong and fearing the worst that I realise just how little of Megan's precious life is in my hands. And just how much that little person whom I've known for but two short years means to me. And how much I'd give up to keep her with us. How insignificant are those things I try so hard to obtain when I'm ignoring the greatest gift of all. My family.

Thankfully after a thourough examination it was determined that she was going to be just fine. Her fever is not caused by a bacterial infection but her body's response to the virus she's been fighting for a few days now. As for the odd behaviour the doctor thinks she probably just had a night terror due to the fever.

Phew! Sometimes I feel a little rediculous taking my child in to the ER for something as minor as a fever. But, the doctor himself said that as a parent you know when your child is sick and not acting themselves. And it truly is better to err on the side of caution. Because I did sleep better knowing the truth. And THANKFULLY it wasn't busy last night at the hospital.

But, now I want a nap.


Amanda Brown said...

Oh, Christy! How scary that must have been for you. Such a feeling of helplessness. I am glad the doc gave her the OK and I hope she gets better soon. Poor Megs, and poor mommy too.

Susie said...

I completely understand. In the last two weeks I have had to make at least 5 visits to the Emergency room. 4 with Kynan and once for a youth where I work. It is in those moments you realise that your child's very existance is in your hands. It can be very scary, but it can also be humbling. I am glad to here that Megan is ok. Give her a hug from Kynan and I. :)

Elizabeth said...

good grief! I'm glad that Megan is okay. I hope that she gets better really really soon!

Angella said...

Glad she's feeling's nice to have the cuddly time though :)

Becky said...

Poor Muggins!! I'm glad she's OK now!!

Manda said...

I'm so glad she's okay! That would have freaked me out too!