Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I love my son. Pushing him around in his Tonka truck is really fun. We got this wicked course plotted out in our front yard. For those of you who know our front yard, you will empathize with my gasping for air at the end of one lap. You see, the course starts at the top of the hill by our door then down a series of three rollers that are indeed superb at divying out a fair share of butterflies. The brakes must be applied vigorously. If the brakes somehow fail a rusty hand raid offers repeated stopping potential. The "hair pin" if you will, is treacherous and brings about a certain dialogue.
Ben-"Too steep, Daddy, too steep!"
The Daddy-"Maaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!"
Once the notorious "hair pin", if you will, is successfully navigated then a rigorous up hill sprint is required. The slope is not kind. To the immediate left is a foul looking railway tie that rudely marks a cliff's edge. Once atop the apex, the zenith, if you will, we fly down another slope which quickly leads to a pretty dope quarter pipe and yes, we will, we will bust a "fifty ninety backcorner slide n glide brokenosebone". Then, spurred on by the hefty hurrahs we sprint back up to the top, the end where I take the grass up on its offer of immediate hospitality. I need to get in shape.


Jen said...

You are such a great father Dustin. I love seeing you enteract with your kids. :)

Kaili said...

Looks like so much fun! Love how every turn is named and every move is unique. Ben looks super happy, nice to see father and son havin' a blast!

Jenessa Fowke said...

Again, great shots with the cam. Last night, being my spring break and all, I decided to catch up on what I have missed in the last year on people's blogs. So I went through yours Christy, also knowing that I would find some great pictures, and I did. I had to chuckle at the picture you at our grade nine grade. Especially, because sadly I had the exact same Mariposa dress (remember) but in white, with all that yucky lace...Oh but we were hot, don't get me wrong (but seriously , Lethbridge has lame shopping - we didn't even shop together for those outfits, it just happened.)

Becky said...

What a fun daddy your kids have. Miss you guys.

wandi said...

Excellent post dude. This is so funny. What great sports commentating on the wicked event. Yay for you Dustin. I'm sure this memory will be one of Bens favorites for many years to come.

Wandi ( Jordan Dalsins Mom)

danielle said...

Dustin, you. are. HILARIOUS!