Saturday, April 29, 2006

Six (only six?) reasons I'M Crazy!

1. I can do that!
2. I can belch and make it sound like I'm vomiting. My mother particularly enjoyed this when we were younger.
3. When I join my kids in thier attempt at dancing around the living room, I fling my body around in such strange jyrations they always, stop. stand. stare. frown.
4. Until I graduated I hated bananas, strawberries, raspberries, oranges, and peaches. I know! Wierd huh?! Now I LOVE THEM!
5. I pierced my own bellybutton. Then it got infected. Go figure! Now it's just a dumb little scar with a tiny stretchmark coming up off the top of it. Kids, they'll do that to ya!
6. When I was seventeen I got arrested, and thrown in a holding cell for a few hours for playing with a plastic super soaker. Me and some friends were filming a video and using FAKE guns. That were thought to be real guns. IT was orange and green!!!! And no I'm not even kidding.

why stop at only six?

7. I have wierd nicknames for my husband. Moomoo Zoozoo or Noonoo being the most frequently used.
8. I LOVE the smell of gas. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I would buy gas smelling perfume and sniff it all day long! But, that would be wierd wouldn't it?
9. I also like smelling my own farts A LOT. In fact the stinkier the better. I just sniff it up. My bum produces some pretty fantastic smells. This disturbs Dustin quite a bit. I should stop I'm making myself sound like a lunatic.
10. I almost always read the last chapter of a book after reading the first few. THen if it's not that great I'll just skim the middle and be done. I hate suspense. This also drives my husband bonkers.
11. Seat dancing in the car is AMAZING!
12. Making up wierd songs to get your kids to stop fussing in the car is also amazing. Only Dustin is better at it than I am.

There that should be enough. I have more...


Angella said...

I LOVE seat dancing in the car. not too happy when I do so. Maybe when we go out tonight, you & I should dance for our hubbies :)

Jen said...

Interesting stuff there Christy ...

Stephen and Amber said...

This post made me giggle...very real and I relate to many, many too many :)

Kaili said...

I love your list! You are wacky! It's great!

Susie said...

It's nice to see a bit of honesty- like your fart smelling. I don't know anyone else who would admit that! We love you Christy.

shareen said...

Wow, I was going to leave a comment about how cute your list was but now I'm just plain angry. Not only does that comment insult your beliefs but your SPELLING when it has numerous grammatical and spelling errors in it. Why do people have to act this way? Is it the anonymity of the internet that allows them to say hurtful things to people they may or may not know? Either way, Christy, I love you and your quirks. I love smelling my own farts too--when I was a kid I used to cup my hand at my butt and waft it up towards my face to see right away if it was a "gooder". How did we turn out this way? :)

Amanda said...

Christy, you are so weird and I think that's why we're such great friends. I love all all your freakayness. :)

nzmommy said...

Just skimming your blog and what a hoot! I don't know one woman that would admit to loving the smell of her farts lol. Good on ya! Too funny! Must show DH this post. Great stuff.