Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sometimes they thell you the truth.

Ben is at the age where he is pretty afraid of everything. He won't sleep if his closet doors are open, he won't go in or out a room if it's too dark. He fabricates monsters and dinosaurs and dragons in his mind every opportunity he can. Today as I was puttering about the house tidying and whatnot the little man comes flying around the corner and wraps himself around my leg burying his face from the terror pursuing him.
"Mommy there's a HUGE bee in the kitchen!!"
"It was probably just fly Benny, sometimes they look like Bees."
So I searched the kitchen high and low trying to find his ferocious "bee". But to no avail. After a great deal of convincing he was once again content to sit at the table with his drawings. And I went back to making banana bread.
what in the world is that whirring noice? I peeked around the corner...Did I leave the bathroom fan on?
What the..?
There it is out of the corner of my eye. The hugest freaking bee I have ever seen in my life buzzing at the patio door vainly trying to free itself. Producing the loudest buzzing whir I ever heard come from a bee. There's a jet engine in my kitchen. Thankfully Ben was in the living room at the time.
For the next five minutes I bravely attempted to steer the huge furry pest towards the opening of the door calling to his freedom. Which I eventually did and amazingly with not even a little bit of a scream.
I did though go find Ben and told him that the giant bee was now gone because his brave mommy fought him to the end and now his mind can be forever at peace.
I am a warrior. Am I not?


Jen said...

O.k. This is weird. Yesterday I was making banana bread and had to chase a wasp out of the kitchen!

btw, Ben is so smart- I'd start trusting what he says. ;)

sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

You are the queen Christy!

karen said...

Sarah likes to tell everyone she meets these days, "I scared of lions, dragons and birds." (she even informed Nathan of this fear yesterday)

ok then.

Maybe I should have a look in her room for these lions, dragons and birds.

We ask her, "who keeps you safe?"

Her reply, "mommy, daddy, Jesus keep me safe"

So sweet.

The house looks great! So exciting!

Robyn said...

Oh you ARE good! I think I most exercise self control when it comes to dealing with bugs while trying not to pass my fears onto the kids. Good job! :)

Kaili said...

I'm happy to hear your freed the bee, instead of smashing it! I'm proud of you super Mama!

Danica said...

Adora was feakin' about a bee in our kitchen yesterday and it really was just a fly. I couldn't convince her and she clung to me begging me to get rid of the bee.