Monday, April 24, 2006

These are for you dad..,

I know how much you wish you could be out here helping the boys frame the house. So I thought I'd put a few pictures up here for you. We now have walls!! Thanks for being so excited for us. I'm sure there will be plently of work left to do in the summer. Isn't it nice how Megan found that mud puddle?!

The kids love the work site! They can play there for hours. Climbing dirt piles, yelling at "monsters" in the crawl space, exploring the Reimers' house for the hundredth time, slpashing in mud holes. Everytime we leave the kids are pretty much stripped to thier skivies clothes in a dirty heap in the back of Daddy's truck. As Amanda would say "It's neat."


Kaili said...

The house looks great! I love seeing the progress everyday when I drive by. Soon you will be able to walk to me house in like 2 minutes. Not that you've ever been here, but hey...why not. :)
Love the Easter pictures too! So cute! The kids looks sooo excited!

Jen said...

So exciting Christy! I will have to go check it out one of these days. :)

Becky said...

Christy, I am SO excited for you!! I have to admit, I welled up a little bit seeing pictures of your new abode for the first time.. And pictures of your kids who I haven't seen in FAR TOO LONG!! I LOVE YOU CAMERA... want that!!! (my birthday is coming up, and I can only hope it will be as good as yours!... but I'm not getting my hopes up)

Danica said...

Seeing an actual picture is so great. It is so exciting that you're building that house. I'm just so pumped for you guys! How much longer? When do you expect to be in?