Thursday, May 25, 2006

A gentle sigh of relief.

I know the real reason you all keep checking my blog over and over. ANd it's not to hear how I'm feeling today. It's to see if I've posted any pictures of Brad and Steph's wedding. Isn't it? I'm just kidding. Well, only half kidding. I know you all love me but I also know you're dying to see pictures. Well, for those of you that were at the wedding you already know that Steph looked so beautiful. Her dress was so lovely and romantic. Probably the prettiest dress I've ever seen thus far.
I had so much fun during the day. I got to meet up with the girls at the hair dressers and stand back as I watched them getting dressed. I basically had a backstage pass to enjoy all the wedding fun with out actually being in the wedding. Between the two of us Dustin and I took over a thousand pictures. Probably a quarter of them are amazing and a quarter are really good and half are just okay. But, that still goves us about three hundred fantastic pictures.
The morning of the wedding when I woke up and looked outside to see sunshine and not pouring rain like the day before I almost cried for joy. It was gorgeous. And as the day progressed the weather got yuckier and yuckier but praise God the rain held off for the pictures.
But, seriously I had no idea how exausting taking pictures all day would be. By the time it was all over I could have collapsed in a heap. Plus, I didn't realise how stressed out I was about it all until it was over. I was really woried about it. For weeks I dreamt of ISO and shutterspeeds and aperatures and flash intensities. Even the night after the wedding I mulled over in my head what I would have or could have done differently or better.
Oh well, it's done and I'm very happy with the result. I hope they are too. I really really REALLY hope they are too.
I'm sorry, I won't be posting any pictures of the wedding until they return from thier honeymoon. It don't know if it would be fair to them if all cyberspace got to view thier beautiful pictures before they do. So, patience freinds. I'm sure she'll be putting WHACK LOADS on her blog before you know it. Until then, I will relish in the distinct privalege of previewing thier wedding pictures all on my own. Maybe if you're nice I'll put on a few of the rehearsal.


Heidi said...

After taking that many pictures you otta be a pro! I just bought a photography book by Bryan Peterson on understanding exposure which is supposed to be easy to read and understand. I am starting to get through it. I pretty much figured the wedding pics wouldn't arrive until the happy couple returns so I will just have to be patient.

nelly said...

welcome back, we've missed you! hope you've recovered, its no wonder you were tired, pregnant,2 kids, plus wedding pictures,whew!!!!! love you, can't wait to see you,soon!!!!!!!MOM!

Sarah said...

hey christy
i know what you mean about a sigh of relief :) today is the first day i don't feel exhausted! thank you so much for taking all those pictures! you were awesome to have around. i know Steph appreciated it so much :) i'm anxious to see the shots...i'm sure you got some beauties haha and some ones that we will get a good laugh out of :)

Robyn said...

*sigh* you are a good friend to wait so she can see them first, so I'll settle for your sedscription of the day :) I'm sure you guys did a great job and that they will love the photos!

Susie said...

You are such a good friend! I heard all about Steph's dress and it does sound Romantic- that's a good word to use. You sound like a professional photographer talking about shutter speeds- ect. Maybe I may have to get you to take pictures of Dana and I.

sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

Been wondering where you were. Thanks for the link to your blog. I was so disapointed when I couldn't find you!!! I love reading your blog and seeing all your beautiful pictures. You really are very talented at that Christy. Thanks for the complements about my hair. I really think I'm gonna like it. its so easy! Can't wait to see the pics you took! Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Kaili said...

OK so it's true I did keep checking your blog to see if you had added any pictures of Brad and Steph, but I was kinda thinking that the reason you hadn't was cause they weren't home yet and hadn't seen them themselves. I understand, but I really want to see some!!! When do they get home!?!?!
Happy to see you posting again. I missed the updates. How is Summerland?

Lisa said...

I just looked at Stephanie's wedding pix ~ great job!