Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I usually only post the pictures of my daughter which portray her as a sweet and ever smiling little blonde angel. Which is occasionally true. However, this face here is the expression which frequents my day more oft than the latter. It's just so perfect to catch this on camera. For future reference like in her wedding day. Not difficult though really as all you'd really have to do is look at her the wrong way and point the camera in her direction. She is God's tool placed here on earth for the sole purpose of my growth and refinement. I know it. She exposes me for the the impatient, selfish person that I am and I hate it. I hate that she at times brings out the worst in me. And yet, I love her more because of it. That girl, she will be my undoing and it's just what I need.

The rest of these pictures are from our time spent with D's parents a few weeks ago. What fun there is to be had at Grampa and Gramma's. Always a joy to be there.


Angella said...

I'm off of the computer for a day, and you do TWO posts! :)

Megan is great, and all kids have those moments. And as for the new girl, if I have another boy, we can arrange another marriage :)

sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

That picture of Dustin and Ben is soo adorable, as all your pics. Even the one of Megan crying....priceless! Yep, our kids definitely work to refine us don't they?

Robyn said...

Thank you Christy. Today I really appreciate you posting about Megan's challenging behaviour and putting a postitive spin on it. I feel really guilty that my kids that I love so much, bring out the worst in me. I HATE it, so it helps to see that from a different perspective. Thank you!