Sunday, August 13, 2006

Water drama.

Today I cut Ben's hair. By cut, I mean I buzzed it while he squirmed and wailed and kicked at me because hair was "falling on his ears and nose and eyes and, heaven forbid, his TOES! Not to mention I had to buzz over the area on the back of his head where there is currently a golf ball sized goose egg caused by overly exuberant "jumperoos" on mommy and daddy's bed. We did, however, manage a decent looking haircut with out too much snot and tears. He always looks so much older with short hair. Not to mention he looks even MORE like a miniature version of his gorgeous father. Had I been on the ball I would have taken before and after shots of the uber cuteness. But, I guess I was distracted trying to keep Megan from spilling the ENTIRE bottle of ice java syrup on the floor. Does any one else have a two year old that can open the refrigerator door? And a jar of pickles for that matter? No? Let me tell you, it's a good thing we don't have carpet in our living room.

After the hair fiasco I figured I should give Ben a bath to prevent inevitable itching and complaining of remaining hair shards embedded in his neck and bum crack, as hair tends to settle, for some reason, in two said areas. If you know Ben at all you will know that, although he enjoys water, he does not appreciate water anywhere near his cranial orifices. Meaning, if you splash him or try to get him to dunk his head under the water all hell shall break loose. Yet, it is difficult to wash a person's hair without getting their head wet, as you can imagine. So...I man-handled my nearly four year old boy under the tap and rinsed his hair thus thouroughly dousing our bathroom due to the amount of flailing this ignited. When it was al said and done and I sat there fuming and he sat there sniffling, I tried to explain to Ben that for future fun and play he would have to learn to get his head wet. If he wants to go swimming with Daddy or his friends when he gets older he mucst learn to get over this fear.

When I had said my piece I waited, looking to him for a brave response. He pondered this information for a bit and gave me a quiet 'oh.' Then he looked up into my eyes and asked me with a great deal of excitement and new found discovery.

"And then I can wear my SKI GOBBLES?! "

OF course Ben...if you learn to swim with you head wet you can wear your ski gobbles all you want.

So cute.


Manda said...

Cadie can open the fridge, although we've had no fiascos yet. Cross my fingers.

Jen said...

Abby has been opening the fridge for months. It's not fun.

Vicki said...

At that age Kayla started opening the fridge and helping herself to the individual yogurts (sp?). It was very frustrating and now I cannot remember what I did to get her to stop.

Has Ben tried his gobbles in the tub yet? Maybe that woulf help his fear. It worked with both my girls:)

Amanda said...

Oh, the gobbles. Too cute!!

Amanda Franks said...

I love your story telling! It captures every angle. The trials, the tears, the tantrums and the triumphs. I can't wait to see a picture of Ben in his gobbles!

Kaili said...

I was exactly like Ben with the whole water thing, when I was young. I HATED splashing near me or on my face, I was SCREAM!!!
When I started swimming lessons I ALWAYS had gobbles on, I hated putting my head under with out them.

sunshinedaily4me_wuz_here said...

My son HATED getting his hair cut too - and his hair was so thick we had to get it cut quite often...he sort of grew out of it...but I feel for ya! The gobbles thing is too cute!

Robyn said...

LOL, such a disarming comment after all the drama! Totally cute.