Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Whackload O house pics.

View of the living room from the top floor. The color in reality is slightly more greyish or "taupe" if you will. We're doing wainscotting around and yes that is still naked insulation on the ceiling. Eventually there will be cream tongue and groove boards on it. We still have to prime and paint them amongst the million other things still on the list.
The cuties hanging on the scaffolding.
D's office, he picked the color all by himself! Jay Selles loved the color so much he said it was the "baby making room". Well, I don't know about that, but it is a nice color. Again it is a bit more saturated in person.
That big pile is our hardwood flooring. I lurve it! Can't wait to see it put down.
Looking into the (someday) kitchen and dining area. Can you believe we'll be living there in five weeks. YIKES!


Jen said...

It looks gorgeous Christy. I love your color choices. :)

Kaili said...

It looks awesome!!! I'd love to stop by for a peek. The colours are very calming, I likey!

Becky said...

that looks amazing!! Those are exactly the colours i would chose in my house. lets start a business.

Stender Statement said...

Christy.. the house looks so cool! It's going to be amazing. Great colors too.

Manda said...

NICCCCE!!!!! Cool house. Can't wait to come and see - where's my room?