Thursday, October 05, 2006

No. No I can't come home yet.....

Yesterday night after my mom and I spent all day cleaning her house and packing up all our stuff so I could finally go home and see my hubby after three agonizingly long weeks. I end up having to stay put for another week. After a good cry I have accepted this fact and know that it is for the best. Our house is still not in a state as to house toddlers and a very pregnant woman just yet. So, one more week it is. This is hard for me because Ben has had to already miss his first week of playschool and now will miss a second. But, I suppose he doesn't yet know what he is missing so it's okay.

Things on the pregnancy fromt are ballooning along just fine. There is finally progrress on the part of my colon. And for that I am very grateful. My iron is still quite low and I have to have more bloodwork done. Yadda yaddda yadda. I just have to drink more hamster poop syrup I'm told. Some days are good and other days I feel like I'm a walking zombie. Like today. Probably I'm just still a bit down that I didn't get to see my precious hubby like I thought. And now I probably won't be there to welcome the arrival of "Baby D". SO sad. I feel like I have good reason to pout today and so I decided I would take today to pout and wallow in my self pity for a moment and then tomorrow I will accept that what will be will be and I might as well enjoy things for what they are. Another week with my amazing mom, another week of having internet and cable TV. Another week to to sleep in and send my kids to Grammas room in the morning to watch cartoons. I think it's pretty genius to have a TV in you room for those mornings when you wanna keep laying in bed. Although I'm not sure if it would be the best idea for me. The morning would turn into afternoon and if you ever came to visit me I'd be in my pj's with my kids in bed with me still at noon. Actually that doesn't sound so bad...

So, do you all feel bad for me yet? Don't you feel sorry for me being pampered here at my mom and dad's home? Waiting for my brand new house to be finished? And don't you feel bad for me that I'm feeling tired even though my baby is healthy and growing? Isn't my life so horrid!!?

No. No it isn't. It's wonderful and I'm so blessed that it is all working out. But, I do miss my husband. But, at least I've got my three precious kids and my mom here with me to keep my spirits high. I love them. And you know what? They love me too.


Amanda said...

Oh, Christy. Even though you are surrounded by blessings it's OK to pout every now and again. I miss you and you know that the offer to stay in our dingey, 70's basement still stands. :)

Angella said...

A couple of things:

1. Did you get my message? Call me when you feel up to it.

2. Due to Thanksgiving, there is no preschool on Monday anyway.

3.Graham misses Ben, but he's coping.

4. Baby D will still be only days old when you get back, and will still be all red and wrinkly :)

5. Before you know it, you will be here, settled in, and rocking your own beautiful baby.

Miss You!!

Amanda Franks said...

Hope the week flies by for you. Being away from life is hard, even when you are in a great situation! Hope you had a good pout and that tomorrow is great!

Elizabeth said...

I think that I miss you just because I know that you aren't in Summerland! Hehe. Have a wonderful pampered week and I look forward to visiting you and loving on you guys sometime... in your new home!

Kaili said...

Oh man, hang in there little Mama. I peek at your house everday as I drive by. I can't see the chanes inside, but I'm sure it's beautiful.
See you when you return.
And it's totally normal to have moments and even days of pouting, even if everything in your world looks marvelous to everuone else. :)

Adele said...

We miss you Christy - plus now I have to try and cook Thanksgiving dinner including the famous buns for Dustin. Help! The house is coming along fabulously and by the time you come home it will be all clean and sparkling ready for you to put all your stuff in, I hope.

Anonymous said...

Hey Christy, I bet its hard to be away from Dustin for so long. But I am thankful that you are in Lethbridge, so I can babysit your GORGEOUS children on weekends!! Its been great to see you again. I love you!!