Friday, December 29, 2006

Documentation of a Merry Little Christmas

Yes, good times were had by all this season up at Grandpa and Grandma's this Christmas. Well, mostly good times that is. Let's start with good and later we can get to the bad and the ugly.

The good...

Friday afternoon Dustin and I actually managed to squeeze our family, including gifts and playpen, extra toys and all that jazz into our little Sienna and safely make it to his parents house with minimal fuss from the back seat.

We arrived to a warm, festive home FILLED to the brim with loving people and BUSTING at the seams with num nums- AKA.More food than could be consumed by the population of the entire northern hemisphere. And not just any food. DELICIOUS FOOD! Food that one cannot say not to. This also ties into the bad but we'll cover that later.

Dustin's desire, no, NEED to play fun games was somewhat satiated by hours of Scummy, Cheat, Guesstures, the sound effects game (a game created and played only by the Heigh family wherein we make noises and try to guess what the sound is.Trust me it's more fun than it sounds... a little glimpse into the family I married into:)...)Gnip Gnop (pingpong) and whatever else he could coerce us into playing.

I got see/cuddle/play with/love/enjoy my beautiful, adorable little neice Chloe Vienna. And her fun mummy and daddy. AKA The ever loved and popular Brad and Danielle. It was fun to see little Chloe starting to play more with her older cousins. Although they did overwhelm her at times with theie exuberence. By that I mean they sent her flying and knocked her to the ground as they ran into her over and over again while she tried to keep up. Poor, sweet Chloe.

Christmas Eve was a beautiful, short but sweet candlelight service at church and then it was home to laughter and goodies. MMMmmmm goooodies!

The dawn of Christmas morning brought forth a new day filled with sunshine and a wonderful yummy brunch. Afterwards we gathered round for the first annual storytelling of Jesus' birth as told by Uncle Dustin. T'was funny indeed. After our bellies were filled and wrapping paper littered the living room floor we all wrapped our bodies in our warmest gear and headed to the hills for hours of sliding fun. Fresh cold air and hiking up hills makes for a good sleep indeed.

Olivia was the belle of the ball and got plenty of cuddles and love (especially by gramma) giving mommy a nice break.

I was reminded again of the reason we celebrate at this time of year and was again overwhelmed by the Grace of God. By his love and sacrifice. Jesus... you ARE the way the truth and the life.

The bad....

Although the holidays we're filled with joy and laughter, the air was bittersweet. As Christmas eve day was to arrive with family aboard a plane to Kelowna ready and excited to celebrate Christmas with us. That plane came and went with none that we loved aboard. Dustin's brother and his wife and little boy missed their plane in the hustle and bustle of the Edmonton airport. They drove around forever trying to find a place to park. Only to find themselves unmoving at the back of a loooong line of people. Not ONLY that but thier little boy was very sick that morning. Barfing and Barfing and....barfing. Which is why there wasn't another plane to be caught for them. It was home and to bed. And a sad Christmas for all. They were dearly and painfully missed!

Olivia and I both seem have doubled our weight since last friday. Only it's good for her to pack it on. Me, my baby-weight loss efforts have been greatly sabotaged. Damn those cookie dough filled chocolates. That's right, you heard me. COOKIE DOUGH DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE. have mercy...

There you have it. My Christmas, in a nutshell, as they say. I hope yours was wonderful too.


Elizabeth said...

It was great to share the picture-viewing with you. Thank you for opening your home to us. Wishing you health!!!

Tracy said...

Despite the plane incident it sounds like you shared a wonderful Christmas with many loved ones :) Have a Happy New Year!!!

Robyn said...

Cookie dough in chocolate? Oh. My. Goodness. Seriously, were these homemade and if so, PLEASE is there a recipe?? Sounds like you all had a great time :)
I'm sorry about the family who didn't make it, what a miserable way to spend Christmas :(

Amanda said...

Sweet update, Christy! I am glad that it was such a fun time for you. Those cookie dough treats sound divine. And I am SURE you barely gained an ounce! Hope to see you soon!

Danica said...

Happy New Year my friend!

Angella said...

I hope to see you soon as well. And you really should share that cookie dough recipe :)