Thursday, September 27, 2007

Water works and aeroplanes

This is a bit late in coming as these photos are a few weeks old but.... gimme a break. Remember, I have three kids and and puppy. And I sometimes have to feed them and shovel their heaping, steaming piles of poop onto the neighbours' lawn. This takes TIME people. Copious amounts of it. And remember I also like to nap and SEW THINGS! (I will post a picture of the THINGS I SEWED!)

These pictures were taken with Dustin's amazing, wonderful fun family. I truly have the most amazing in-laws. Betcha not many other people out there can make a claim as grandious as this. We do fun things like go to parks and fly remote control airplanes into trees and eat ice cream and let Olivia put grass and rocks in her mouth while the older kids suck up dirty water from the water park. "It's the beeeest." (If you can tell me where THAT quote is from you are my best friend.)

This is Dustin's plane. He forked out a few extra greens for this Bad Boy but it was worth it as it flew the best.
See that plane up in the tree?

Not his.
Let's get this party started!
My daughter is SUCH a spazz! I don't know where she gets it from! Any ideas?

Hydreangeas are my all time FAVOURITE flower!

The girl cousins. Too cute!

I LOVE pictures of hands. Thus... I love this photo.

Like my neew shoes? Suburban princess.... twenty bucks!

The sucking of the dirty water. The things we let our kids do.
Makes for a cute picture tho doesn't it?


Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Two words. Photography Business. You are the bomb. You really should consider going into business - you know, in your spare time (when you aren't sneaking steaming piles of poop into your neighbor's yard!!)

Love the pics - your families are so awesome. I just love looking at your pics. I'm sure everyone out there agrees with me, don't you??

Becky said...

Chisty, your pictures are amazing, as always. Is that Chloe?? She is SO BIG! Tell Brad & Danielle I say hi. Chris, can you please buy me a pair of those uber cute shoes??? I love them!! I'll send you the moolah for shipping (and the shoes, of course)... Are you coming for a girls' weekend or what?? I miss you so much.

Jennie said...

Your pictures floor me. They are breathtaking.

Any photoshop tips or juts plain ole camera tips you could share?

We have a Canon 30D.

joyce said...

YOU NEED TO GO INTO BUSINESS!!! I've seen photographers online who charge a fortune...and YOUR pictures are WAY better!!!

Angella said...

I agree with everyone above. START DOING THIS FOR PAY.

You'll make millions!

Or thousands ;)

And after this weekend, we will play fo sho!


Stephanie said...

Christy-love the pics, as always. Wish i could sit down with you for awhile and see how life is going. Loved the story that you locked olivia in the car- classic. Probably something I would do too. hope you're doing well.

Shelley said...

wow...olivia is growing SO FAST! Like a weed. Or a dandelion. K, i loved that previous post with megan's dandelion head. Oh man, that's hilarious!!

Filtering Life said...

Sadly, I do not know where the quote is from. The shame of it all. Photos are brilliant, simply breath taking. Um....add to the list of things you do, start a studio! Your shoes, I want a pair in size 7.5...American baby! They are precious and i love them with jeans.