Thursday, October 25, 2007

Learned. As in lear-nid.


I thought I had figured out a really cool way to share my photos without having to painfully load them onto Blogger. BUT it's not working. I betcha my husband can figure it out.


Does anyone remember when it became really cool abbreviate words. Ya know abbreve? No? Is it still cool? I don't really know what's cool anymore. Fo REALZ! I don't. This bothers me a little. I used to be pretty "with it". This whole world of uncool momdom is fairly new territory for me here. Also, does it make me seem like I'm trying to hard to still be cool when I wear things like Roxy sweaters or Sketchers? Maybe I should start getting a little classier like my friend Amanda and start shopping with her at J Crew and Banana Republic. Or maybe I should just stop brushing my hair and wear sweats everywhere. (No offense if you are wearing sweats right now or if you haven't brushed your hair yet today. In fact I'm sporting a SERIOUS greasy, hat head myself. It's hot.) I dunno, I'm just trying to decide when it's time to retire the high school/college fashion sense and adopt a new sense of taste. Do any of you watch "What Not to Wear" on TLC? You never see them out buying hoodies and Sketchers. Any thoughts?

On a completely different note, today was a ROUGH day. I learned a few things today. Such as:

*Despite the progress Megan has made in maturity and listening and NOT screaming, she still has days in which she will throw fits and scream for pretty much and entire day. Megan if you are reading this it means that you are still around and I loved you SO MUCH that I chose not to put you up for adoption. Now go give your mother a hug. NOW!

*Children in elementary school can be cruel and violent. So far Ben has been spared any torture but today I witnessed four other boys kicking and jumping on another helpless little boy. I was thisclose the just taking Ben back home and locking him in his room for the remainer of his childhood. Cuz that would be better right?

*Olivia can still be mistaken for a boy in the grocery store wearing a pink striped jacket with flowers on it. It does make me feel a little better that she thought she was the cutest little boy she'd ever seen. She actually would make a pretty cute little boy. BUT SHE'S NOT!!!

*A person cannot leave a container of applesauce within reach of a one year old in the car...even if it's closed. Because if one does do this one would be cleaning carseat/clothing/car/child for a long time afterwards.

*Olivia really likes watching Jerry Springer. (note: I DO NOT watch this show. I just happened to be on the TV as i was doing dishes and Olivia was mesmerised. Also, that is the stupidest show I've EVER SEEN!)

*Some children with the name of Olivia can climb OVER their baby gate. OVER. the baby gate. over it. Climbing over to the other side of it. Does anyone else have children under one that do this?

* IF a person were to leave a cloth laying around that you...say...wiped the toilet with. If you didn't immediately put it in the wash the baby will find it and start to suck on it's filthy juices.


Enough lessons for today.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have nice photos for you.


Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

Sarah said...

You know they are getting back at you for going away and having a great time, right!?
Hugs to you on your hairy day...we all have them, isn't it therapeutic to blog about it?!

Angella said...

I personally think you are very cool. And funny! See you later :)

Bloggy Mama said...

Oh man, Christy, if you are thinking you aren't "cool" and well-put-together, I am in serious trouble.
Lov you!

bill said...

When my daughter was young, I told my wife that I'd just as soon she not wear one of those noggin-wraps, which I called a 'brain-band', that are intended to let people know what gender the kid is. She agreed, and now God is getting me for that. Once, when I was playing Santa, I referred to a kid with short brown hair and a bland complexion as 'sir', and the kid said, indignantly, "I'm a GIRL!" So much for Santa's infallibility. And last night, two kids came to the door for Hallowe'en; I got one right, but the other used exactly the same phrase. At least, that time I could pretend that she was so well masked that I couldn't even tell her gender. Ah,yeah...right!

Heidi said...

I totally am feeling not so "hip" lately. That probably isn't even a cool word anymore! I feel especially frumpy around younger mom's with new stylin clothes. I just purged years of winter, large, stretched out clothes but have nothing to replace them with. I need a personal shopper to help me coordinate stuff, and yeh, pay for it too!!!

Amanda said...

I think you've got great style, Christy. You have a youthful, casual look that totally works for you. Because you're so hot, anything would work.
And yay! You blogged twice this week! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Prue said...

Christy, I LOVE your blog. And no, I don't have an Olivia who can climb quite so well under the age of one, but I do have a son who tried to climb from the cot to the change table over a 10cm gap, though I don't remember how old he was....

Tianna said...

I love you Christy and I love your style...if you're too old to wear what you wear then I'm in big trouble. My motto is " If I feel good in it, then I wear it!."

Heather said...

Hi Christy...
I think you have great style!..I wish i dressed as good as you..and i agree if its comfortable then wear it. I wounder if it was my boy you saw up at the school. Him and another boy thought they would try to make a big ball on another kid in fun...didnt turn out that way and Riley came home with a black eye. I have a hard time sending my boy to school. He has never been a wrestling kid..he was always on the gental side compaired to most boys i know..and he has picked up on some bad things at school. I am still happy that he isnt too bad of a kid..still doesnt like fighting...but once in awhile he does what all the other kids are doing. Poor you for Riley was never much of a climber..Even now he is almost 6 and can not climb the play place at mcdonalds..I lucked out with him.