Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Goodbye Maximus.

This weekend, one which we reflect on that which we are thankful for, was one of joy, laughter and some tears.

Four months ago we brought home a soft, rolly, lumbering, white lab puppy that we (well...Ben actually) named Maximus. In the time since, the kids have fallen in love with his gentle, playful nature, his love for the chase, and his velvety ears. There were days that I wanted to kick him the head for digging giant holes in the yard, or pooping on the carpet, or biting the furniture. But, redemption always came in the quiet hours of the evening when Max would lay his heavy body on my feet and slumber silently. Every so often getting up to rest his head on our laps for a pet.
Had we the time or the space to keep max we would. he is a dream dog. Gentle, intelligent, willing to please, fun. And the home he has gone to will be able to give him all the love and attention we would not. And so, he is loved from afar. The kids are handling it okay but they do ask where he is and why he is gone and can we visit him everyday. To be honest, his departure was harder on me than I imagined it woud be. I don't miss his irritating puppy habits, but I do miss his big brown eyes and friendly presence at every turn. He has made his mark on our lawn and ultimately our hearts....He will never be forgotten.

Good bye Maximus.
We love you and miss you already. Enjoy your new home and all the duck hunting adventures you will have.


Kelly said...

He looks so big compared to when we saw him. It is hard having a puppy. Even with an acreage, we have days where it is not easy! Dogs need room and attention. Glad you guys were able to find him a great home. Our kids want another puppy for Hurley. Ummm, not happening.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Sounds like you made the right decision. That is so hard!!! I love the black and white pics. Beautiful, as usual.

Janice Vandyk said...

Thats sad. sorry.

thanks for the comments on the pictures. as for selling them... i think that is just wishfull thinking...even thought i would LOVE to get more into photography and make money doing it.

i still model my pictures after your concepts. i really like the ones that are almost overexposed (youve done a few of your youngest) you must use lightroom? i am hoping to get this for Christmas. fingers crossed.

Meg dG said...

awww. thats too bad that he didnt work out with you guys. he sure is big! wow. and adorable!he looks so much like his dad.

Stephanie said...

CHRISTY!! I didn't know you were getting rid of Max. THat is so sad! While I totally understand why and really supprt your decision, that would be so hard. I"m sorry to hear that he is gone- he was such a cutie.

Amanda Franks said...

I've never had a pet so I can't empathize with how hard it was to give him away, I can only imagine. What a tough decision, congrats on having the strength to make it!

April said...

Sorry to hear about Maximus. I know how you feel. Remember, we gave Bailey away after 3 years!! I still miss him but don't regret the decision at all! Love you & miss you.

Angella said...

I hope Dustin is coping OK :)

We're home! Call you later :)

Bloggy Mama said...

I'm sad for you beacause I remember losing our pets, all labs like Max.
Sending our love!

Anonymous said...

Dear Max,

Now that you live with a duck hunter can I come visit you? I promise to take it easy on the humping and give you room to breathe.
Best wishes in your new home.

Your First Love,