Saturday, November 03, 2007

Last night we had a party.

And by party, I mean my closest friends brought their screaming kids over and we fed them cupcakes. It was pretty insane for awhile there. This is the true measure of friendship people. If your friends can bring their kids over, feed them sugar, watch them all try to kill eachother, and you all still leave as friends. This is pretty miraculous.
Olivia's birthday is not actually until Thursday. But, we had a little get together with all Olivia's closest buddies. It really was pretty crazy. My house is not built to handle four preschoolers and five babies all within the same area. Truly truly crazy.
Almost as crazy as Olivia's hair was yesterday. You'd think her mother could at least comb her hair for her birthday party. No no she could not. It was combed hair or the guests sit on a urine infested toilet seat. You make the call.
That's what I thought.

Somehow, somewhere i n the midst of the insanity I missed the picture of the cupcake with the candle in it. So here we are stright to the stuffing if it in her face. YUM!

Want some?
The party was actually a combinatin of little Danai (pictured above) and Olivia, as their B-Days are two weeks apart. She was a bit unsure of the cupcake at first.
As it turns out she was rather revolted at the idea of having to eat such a detestable thing.
Please Olivia, just sit still for 1/60th of a second so i can get a clear picture of you in low lighting with out a flash. PLEASE!
No? Fine. Let's try it with the other kids.
Everybody SMILE! Look at the crazy moms!
Not so happy.

Cuddles and time for bed. Next year we're having the party at MacDonalds.
PS. I'm gonna have a go at NaBloPoMo. (one blog post EVERY DAY for one month)
I'm not too sure.
SO be here tomorrow! I better not be doing this for nothing!


Bloggy Mama said...

SO not doing it for nothing. Happy Birthday Olivia!
Love you, Christy!!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

once a day?? Oh my gosh - how awesome of a treat would that be?? We all love your posts and pics. So, bring it on baby!!!!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Olivia! Looks like ya'll had a great time...and should have been veeery tired.

She Likes Purple said...

I love her hair. It looks as if she was out late last night and sort of stumbled in for her party.

Happy Birthday!

Amanda said...

It was sheer mayhem. Thanks for hosting the madness.
Happy (early) birthday, Olivia! She's looking so grown up.
I love that last pic of you with the 2 girls. So preshhhhusss!

Angella said...

It was a good party! Nothing like a little mayhem to keep us entertained :)

Susie said...

HORAY for birthday parties and cupcakes... oh wow I miss cupcakes. darn weight watchers. Glad you all had a good time! PS: I am trying this post a day too and let's say it's harder than it looks.