Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Na Blo Po Ppppbbbbbbbt!

I didn't even last two weeks! How do some of you post everyday? I'm not kidding. Epecially on weekends?! Whatever. Blogging is not my life.
In fact ,my husband sometimes gets a little frustrated with the whole idea of it. Why not put more energy into the reationships I already have right infront of me instead of commenting all day to people I really don't know or haven't even met? He kinda has a point. But, I don't feel at this point that my life relationships have suffered and if they ever begin to I will dissapear from the blogosphere. Until then it's fun making new friends and seeing how their lives are as crazy as mine.

Like my friend Liz who opened her doors to us and let us trash her house for a weekend. Of all the couples I've ever met they have to be one of the most hospitable. And of course I couldn't leave without photographing her beautiful baby.
And mine too.
Until she ran away that is.

This girl is so cute she's got a perpetual gathering of bubbles around her tiny mouth. ADORABLE!

That's it. I'd better go be a mom and do mommy things.


Angella said...

I do *most* of my blogging when the kids are in bed and my hubby's in the shop.

Maybe if we EVER FINISH RENOVATING I will, I don't know, watch TV or something :)

Super photos, per usual. What pretty girls! :)

Susie said...

I agree with you about the blog, but ever since we have moved to the 'land of the living skies', it has been my connection to the world. Making me feel less isolated. And your blog is one of my daily stops. So if it is any consilation, you are feeding our friendship by posting about your life. :)

Chelsey said...

shes so cute, isnt she!

Bloggy Mama said...

Eeeek. That's my baby girl. I'm totally linking to you to show off your amazing talent!

Bloggy Mama said...

p.s. thanks for black-and-whiting my uuuuugly couch! he he

Amanda said...

Susannah is a doll and you captured her pretty babyness perfectly.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Love the foot picture the best I think!! I know what you mean about blogging. I don't know how some of the people whose blogs I visit do it! Some post more than once a day! I truly cannot do it. Sometimes I think maybe I should stop blogging, ya know? It takes an awful lot of my time (not yet to the point that it has been detrimental to my relationships here in real life) but it creates an "obligation" I feel that always hangs over my head "Oh, I need to do a post..haven't done one in a while.." ya know?

I don't have a hubby to tell me not to do it..but I do have some friends who completely don't get it!

Anonymous said...

I always wonder the same thing about why I bother to blog and then I remind myself that without blogging my good friend Christy and I would have lost track of each other by now! Yay for anything that makes keeping in touch easier!