Thursday, November 01, 2007

Tis the Season.

We had the typical halloween. Pumpkin Carving, cupcake decorating, games, trick or treating, stuffing our faces with candy. It was a good day. Unfortunately these pictures loaded out of order but...whateves!

You can't tell from the above photos but Olivia is fighting a TERRIBLE chest cold. She is wheezy and miserable. She tries so hard to have the energy to be as mischevious as usual but she ends up sitting on the hardwood in a heap of tears. Poor baby.

Megan is a most precious and beautiful princess. She got a nice stash of candy for her cuteness. However she isn't allowed to touch it until monday because she wasn't acting very "princess-like" today. Well, I suppose princesses do act like spoiled rotten brats. Because of that rotten attitude though. The only one eating her candy will be mommy and daddy. Hopefully not too much for me though.
Ah yes, here is her miserable state. So clogged in the head she cannot nose breathe. The fluid is constantly running from her mouth and nose onto her soaked sleeper. I despise this feeling. Can't you just look at her and feel it too? I hope I don't get it.

And yet, I can still get a smile out of her. I love this girl!

Twriling and dancing. What princesses do best!
The hollowed bowels of our pumpkins.

Cute candids.
Ben's was the scary one. Of course. And Megan's was the goofy one. Of course.


Jennie said...

As always, your pictures (and kiddos) are gorgeous. The pumpkins look fantastic, too.

Happy Halloween!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Oh, Poor Olivia!!! She does look miserable. I feel so sorry for her. Even in all her misery, she is still cute as a button. I love the black and white of thekids...

Happy halloween - a day late!

Ashley said...

You've got the cutest kids! Even sick Olivia is just precious, a little sticky looking put so cute.

Bloggy Mama said...

nice shots. I hope that little Olivia feels better soon!