Friday, December 21, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like.....


Yay. It's official. Christmas is in full swing around here. We've had goodies and concerts and ornament coming out the wazoo around here. And don't forget vomit. Well, not out the wazoo but definitely the other end. I'm glad it's passed over us before we head to Lethbridge for the holidays. Seriously, if you asked me if I knew anyone around here who's avoided this nasty bug, I would say no. No I do not. Puke puke everywhere.
Well, on that nice's some pics from Benny's very first Christmas concert. This first one is Megan standing on her chair trying to get a good look.
This one was taken while waiting outside for the school to open.
Get that flash out of my face!
Where's the hand actions Ben? Too cool for that maybe?
Ah, there you go.
At home Dusstin got a snap shot of Olivia and I playing with her noew favourite toy. A quacking duck. She LOVES this thing. Sooooooooo cute.

Our church put on a Christmas musical put on by the kids and my two lucky kids got to be sheep. They were adorable and hilarious. Here's a few of the photos I took. All the little kids looked totally stunned. It was funny. Megan did a bit of 'baaaing'. She was really getting into character. It was a great production put on by some really talented kids.

Here's Olivia in her new Christmas dress, compliments of Gramma and Grampa Heigh. Sooooooooo adorable. She's checking out the pretty tree. And grabbing ornaments. The kids have broken over ten of them now, I think. I thought they were plastic but APPARENTLY...not.

Merry Christmas to all and to all....
Don't forget to check emblem over the holidays, I've got a few photoshoots planned. YAY!


Jen said...

What sweet little sheep! :)

Merry Christmas Christy! :)

Bloggy Mama said...

Awesome. Merry Christmas and safe travels!

Angella said...

Hey! I escaped the puke! But I had it last year (and the year before that), so I guess we're even.

Have a safe trip. I'm praying for you guys as I type this.

Looking forward to seeing your photo shoots. Go YOU!!

Love you!

Prue said...

Happy Christmas!

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

CHristy!!! Have a Merry Christmas. Cute photos as always.

lori <>< said...

hi christy,
thanks for stopping by my blog :) i always love that!
i was at capernwray on thetis for 2006-2007, so very recent. i believe you went there as well, no?
i am falling more and more in love with your pictures every day, and i love watching your cute little family :)
i am looking into upgrading my camera, right now i just have a little canon powershot - which i have loved to its death. however, i am wanting to get a more serious camera to play around with . . . any suggestions? what camera do you use?

Karen Mayer said...

Soooo adorable. Little lamb. And I LOVE yoyr Christmas tree. Just beautiful.