Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christmas vacay. Part 1-Long winding roads and remote controls.


Here goes...

I've spent days editing and putting this together so you guys had better leave me nice comments after all this work!


This is for you mom and you Becky.

Our vacation started on a quiet, Saturday morning as we awoke to a world covered in white. There's something about the quiet of morning and a fresh dump of snow that makes it seem as though all is right with the world.

We travelled for three hours without stopping. Which is...AMAZING for us. Ususally twenty minutes out the door someone from the back is hollering at us to pull over to pee. Can you hold it? No it's a MERGANCY! So three hours is good time indeed.

When we did stop, we noticed this funny sign.

I wonder what sort of profanities were used in these "ceremonies".

For the most part the kids travel great. We have our lifeline...the DVD player and a plethora of Barbie princess movies and Looney Tunes. Olivis however does not understand why she is strapped into her chair for so long and tires of the movies after a few hours. I don't blame her. Eleven hours in a car is a loooooooong time people. ESPECIALLY for a one year old. Much of her time was spent like this.
But occasionally we had some of this.

And even a little bit of this.

Scary I know. Maybe I should drive for ahwile honey?

After an exausing eleven hours navigating through the Rocky mountains and the hurricane winds of southern Alberta we made it to my parents house. That very night we let the kids open thier presents. And why not? I'd want a reward after having a numb bum for so long!
No Christmas is complete without new flannel jammies.

Months ago Ben saw this remote control dinosaur on display in WalMart and you should have seen this kid's reaction! This is the coolest toy we've seen in a long time. It's a bit advanced for him but it's great because it's even fun for Daddy.

Megan, of course, wanted Barbies. It's kind of her thing now.


Between gramma and grampa Olivia had no end of snuggles.

She kind of hard to reist that way.

This dinosaur is amazing. Truly. "Roboraptor" will roam his environment in free-roam mode if left alone for more than three minutes. A little scary if you're a baby or a dog.

Roboraptor will avoid obstacles using his infared vision sensors and wil occasionally stop moving to hear any sharp, loud sounds. Roboraptor has three "moods", hunting, playful and cautious. Hunting is a little scary but playful is actually pretty cute. Needless to say this thing is a hit in our house. it doesn't hurt that Ben is, and has been for years, obsessed with dinosaurs.

Dustin got to open his present from my brother-in-law early so he could get maximum playing time out of it. This is the beginiing of a new obsession os well over here. There were few moments over the holiday when this thing wasn't being played with or tinkered with.

What can it be?

Can it be....?
It IS! A remote control airplane.

Let the flying begin.

I personally don't understand the appeal. The plane has about ten minutes of flying time (that is if you don't nose dive it into the dirt first). And then they would spend hours puttering around with the things fixing and reinforcing and taping pieces of the kids crazy carpets to the wings so it would be stronger. I wonder if they had more fun fiddling with those machines than they did flying them.

Then again, maybe not....

Stay tuned for parts two and three. And maybe four if I get my act together.


Amanda said...

It looks like it was such a fun getaway. But I am glad you're home now. Like, more glad than is normal.

Tracy said...

As always love the pictures! Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday :-) Thanks for the update and I'm looking forward to parts 2, 3 and 4!

Shelley said...

fabulous photos!!!!

Becky said...

YAY! The photos ARE amazing! And I'm looking forward to the sequels. We had a great time, and miss you guys already.

Angella said...

Sweet shots!

I'm glad you are back though, and look forward to hanging out :)

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

I'm glad you are back to share pics with us Christy! Beautiful as always. I am with you on the airplane deal..I don't really get the appeal.

Time spent with family is priceless and I even like the drives. (well, most of the time) 11 hours is too long though. I can see why Dustin was making that face. ha ha. You have to do SOMETHING to amuse yourself!!!

Heidi said...

Sounds like you had a great trip. Brooklyn was excited that Megan was in her puddle jumper class. When my work slows down we will have to have a play date.

Chelsey said...

i love the pic of dustin in the field...very beautiful!

Bloggy Mama said...

Awesome!!! We love Motorworks. I love the shots of snuggly Liv. Time goes by too fast!!

Ashley said...

Wonderful pictures, as usual. Looks like everyone had a great Christmas and lots of fun with new toys. Glad to hear ya'll made it there and back safely.

joyce said...

love all the pictures...but especially love the pictures of the guys flying the plane! looks amazing there. your house must be covered in so many pictures, because all your pictures are "FRAME" worthy!

Anonymous said...

Nice! Merry January. Can't wait for the rest.

Anonymous said...

i miss you ,come BACK! Give me my grandbabbies! I wasn't done yet!

Roz said...

Great story, and of course, Awesome photos! :)

Montana said...

Looks like tons of fun! Christy, you have the cutest kids ever! I say this about probably 70% of kids that I meet but seriously...yours are the cutest! I couldn't stop laughing when Megan was "baaing" in the play! So cute!

KellyLee said...

Yeah Pictures!!! Well worth your time for me to be a voyeur of your Christmas vacation. I am with you on the remote control airplane....BORING!!! But glad the boys found it irresistibly fun.