Wednesday, March 12, 2008

This, That and the Other.

Ususally, I like to have a nice, long, syrupy reminiscient post about my kids on each of their respected birthdays. This year however, Megan's slipped by and I was unable to do so. Not that we forgot it. We had an awesome celebration for her. We had our traditional family fun night at the local pool and MacRaunchy's. Followed of course by blizzards at DQ. Then a few days later Megan had a small party with her favourite little friends for cake and playtime. AND since we have about a hundred birthdays in March on D's family's side we traditionally head out to Merrit for Merrit March Birthday Madness. Okay, it's not actually a hundred but about three quarters of the family. It was a blast. The kids ate way too much chocolate. And by too much I mean there was excessive vomiting of chocolate in the middle of the night. On Ben's part that is. I think he learned his lesson though. You don't have to eat ALL the chocolate eggs you find on the Easter Egg hunt in one sitting. It okay Ben, I'm still learning that lesson.

I made my very first kids birthday cake. I've made many a cake before, just none so pretty as the butterfly one I whipped up here. Isn't she cute?

Why so unimpressed Megan? I SLAVED over that cake. I may have eaten a good portion of the icing before it hit the cake but it was rough. You betta recognize!

Blow em out big girl you're FOUR now!

Olivia shares my enthusiasm for cake of course. Thank you Olivia!

That's right, soooooo gooooood.
The party girls. Can you see how Megan will be the instigator in all things fun and party animal like? Is there anything she didn't inherit from me?! =)
Right...the blue eyes. Those are certainly NOT mine.

She's becoming quite the little poser when it comes to the camera. Unlike her brother who instantaneously turns his face inside out as soon as a camera is pointed anywhere in his general direction.

It's your birthday Megs, of COURSE you can jump on my bed!

And then sit and looke cute. PERFECT!

I HAD to include these last two of Liv playing with the beaded necklaces. I LOVE her burgeoning belly. I love this kid. She is hilarious. Probably our quirkiest offspring yet. And trust me...that's pretty weird.

See what I mean?


Bloggy Mama said...

Oh, Christy. I miss you.

Kelly said...

Your house looks beautiful by the way. We are still looking for something affordable. It is so hard right now. We may have to rent to own. I hope you get top dollar for yours. It is stunning.

Beautiful photos and happy birthday to your daughter. That looks like my niece in the photo? She just turned 4 too. man oh man.

Roz said...

what an awesome cake!

looks like you guys had a great time :)

p.s. what else is new with you? :)

kindra said...

Christy, I posted a comment before, but I am a new reader to your blog. I think your photography is absolutely gorgeous and I have been waiting patiently for a new post just to see new pics! I also browsed through your archives and love your "syrupy" posts about your have the ability to see God working in the intricate threads of your life and it seems like you are constantly aware of what a gift your family is to you. I'm so blessed when I read your blog!

Danica said...

Ultra cute. Great job on the cake!

Anonymous said...

wow great cake! Better than the butterfly one I did for you! Meggy is getting prettier by the day! (as if that were possible) And I just love LivY's quirkiness, makes her sooo special. HURRY UP AND GET HERE ALREADY! Love mom, G'MA

Prue said...

The cake is great - I understand 4 year old indifference too though - we had the same for the fire engine cake I made.

I reckon hatred of cameras goes with the name Ben...

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Megan! She's beautiful no wonder she soaks up the camera's attention!

I love that last one of Liv - personality galore

Alexandria said...

Megan is FOUR?! What the heck! Where did the time go? That is so surreal. And Livy is such a goof! Cant wait to see her! (And the rest of you!)
Today in peds I took care of a little 7 month old girl with croup/rsv/random lung infection, and I thought of little Livia. Poor kid! She couldn't even cry she was so congested and tired.

Angella said...

Great photos (duh. You are gifted.) - Megan looks like the princess she is, and you totally captured Olivia!

Vicki said...

Happy fourth, Megan!!!

Susie said...

Can I just say I love the bed shot. Megs is looking so grown up. Super sweet. And your little cakes looks delicious.