Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I will make this quick for you all. Mostly because I'm in Lethbridge right now at my mom and dad's and we've been super busy. We shot a beautiful wedding in Canmore last weekend which turned out to be a little soggy but ultimately fantastic. I can't WAIT to put up some photos. I think we have some new favourites. Then last night we went out with a very fun couple and did their engagement photos against a dark and clouded sky. She had the most amazing flaming red, curly hair. Making for some fantastic pictures. Again, I can't wait to get home to edit them. Dustin is threatening to go out and purchase a macbook pro. The only problem with that.... is we need some funds. Sorry D.
Thanks for being patient with us as we work out the kinks to our website. It's on it's way. We are wanting the domain to redirect from to
which is now working (YAY!) but only if you drop the www.
Dustin thinks if we give it a little bit more time and fiddling both should work. He's still a bit frustrated because the site is not what we really wants but we just don't have the time right now to build what we want. But, it works for now.
Can you all give us a bit of feedback on it. Is is loading decently? Does it take forever? Are the pictures saturated enough? I mean most of that stuff has to do with your own computers but if the majority of you are having to wait more then 20 seconds for the page to load then we need to change something.
I'm still in awe at how this has sort of fallen into our laps. People are booking almost daily now. 2009 is already starting to book up. We're signing up today for the September trade show here in Lethbridge and are super excited about that. I almost feel like the momentum we've got going now can't be stopped. More than anything I love that Dustin and I get to do this together. I LOVE THAT! I love that when I get a little nervous before the weddings as I always do I look over at him and he holds my hand and reminds me that we love this and to enjoy it. I love feeling his comforting presence there across the room all the time. It's like a date and we get to make money from it! I love that he's been keeping me grounded and reminding me why we're doing this. And I love that the more we get into this, the more I love it. And it's not just the photography I love. I love being with the people. I love hearing their stories, I love watching them come alive in front of the camera. I love discovering how I can help them discover that. The more we do this, the more I realise that even more important than the skill of taking pictures is the skill of working with people. Most people just aren't comfortable in front of a camera and need direction and encouragement to be themselves. This is my favourite part.

Anywhoozle, listen to me go on and on after I said I'd keep it short. We'll be home on Sunday and then I'm pretty sure I'll be up all night editing pictures. Which is also a favourite part of photography for me. They just look so pretty after playing with them.
So.... photoganza soon to come.
Thanks to you all for sticking with us through this crazy time.
Summerland.....we miss you!


Bloggy Mama said...

Totally love you and so excited for you guys!
Pictures look great from my end!!

Amanda said...

I am DYING to see the photos of the wedding. And I miss you more than is socially acceptable.

Roz said...

you shouldn't be surprised that people are booking you - you guys have mad SKILLZ!! i'm SO. GLAD. i booked you guys in time. and im' SO EXCITED to finally meet you. It will be the highlight of the wedding weekend (aside from that actual marriage part i guess lol).

You guys rock and i'm so happy that this is what you want and that it makes the both of you happy. Good for you for doing what you want to do in life.

Tianna said...

We miss you here too. The Sac is pretty boring without you guys. Stoked to see the photos and super stoked at the opportunities and awesomeness of being able to work together! We are extremely excited for your future!

Jana said...

becky is beautiful isn't she? i'm so glad she ended up doing her hair curly. (did you know she's my cousin??)

can hardly wait to see the photos.

Kendra said...

I also cannot wait to see your photos....! It was so nice to meet you guys at the wedding, hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.

Filtering life said...

Christy (and Dustin) Two enthusiastic thumbs up from us! No problems loading the photos on our end, just when flash initially opens on the homepage, but not more than 10 seconds. The color looks great too (although we roll with it better!) We love the series Dustin did with the longboards...very cool. Can't wait to see more of your wedding photos and I can echo everything you said about working with your husband. I always have a mini breakdown on the way to a wedding and then we pray together and all of a sudden things fall into place and we have the BEST time. Although 10 hours on your feet is very tiring. So glad that God is expanding your business and the good name that Emblem is...daily! If you ever need second shooters...say if you get invited to Europe to shoot a major call your Kellan buddies! So happy for you guys, SO HAPPY!

Angella said...

This post just seems to confirm that God is blessing you guys. You are using the talents that He has given, and he is making them EXPLODE!

You really do need a laptop - I don't know how you are surviving without editing them! I'd go crazy!

Miss you! See you soon :)

Allison said...

I LOVE your photos, too! I'm thinking about booking you to come to Iowa for my wedding... I guess I should probably get a man first, and then, you know, a proposal, and then a date... Maybe I could just pick a random date in, like, 2011 and schedule all the other stuff around that. Dear God, I hope I'm close to getting married by then.

Aaaannyyyywho... The photos look great once they're loaded, but it takes a while for them to load. The page itself is loading fine, but the photos take a while to come up.

Love your work! Seriously... I'll fly you to Iowa.

Prue said...

Love the photos, but they take an age to come up on my computer - the first couple of times I visited the site I got sick of waiting and came back again when I had more time. Not what you want potential customers to be experiencing I guess! If they held on they would see it was worth it, but you need to keep them there first!

Jen said...

Hey Christy! I can't wait to see pictures from K & M's wedding. I'm regretting not going and need to see some pics!