Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ride the Giant

From this point on I will be shamelessly bragging about my talented husband. Ready?

Last weekend Dustin had the awesome opportunity to be the photographer at a brand spanking new event here in Summerland. Ride the Giant. Here in Summerland there is a mountain called Giants Head. Apparently the face of the mountain looks like a giant head. I have yet to see this. This mountain is less of a mountain than those found in the Canadian Rockies yet more than just a big hill. It's a small mountain. Anyways, in the midst of record setting, sweltering, melt your shoes to the pavement heat, Dustin was up there snap snappin away. I, thankfully, was hanging out comfortably in my nearly packed up, air conditioned home.
For two full days Dustin perched himself on that mountain. He climbed trees, laid on his belly, slaved his flashes, hiked up and down, up and then down again in search of those perfect shots.
And find them he did.
He came home, flushed, dusty and sweaty at the end of his second day. He looked me in the eyes and I immediately saw the excitement that sparked there. He instructed me to sit down and proceeded to recount his day. Stories about these "crazy dudes" and the insane slides and turns they successfully completed. And how at the end of the day the sponsors couldn't thank him enough and gave him a free longboard. And then asked him to photograph their next event and possibly more to to come after that. Apparently nobody else is shooting in his "style". And they're "so excited about the photos".
It is SO amazing to finally see Dustin excited about his work. For so many years I've seen him go from one job to the next doing things that he's felt that he should do because it's a reliable job, and the responsible thing to do. And every time a little more of who his is gets shut in the dark. Dustin is an artist. His heart is an artist's heart. He thrives and lives on doing things that are creative. He once told me that if you could sum up in two words what it is that he strives to do with his life it would be "igniting wonder". That is what he is passionate about. And I am so thrilled and excited to see him be passionate about something again. I really think that if a person is truly passionate about what they do and they're good at it. They draw people and success to them like magnets. I can't say it enough how excited I am for Dustin and how much I believe in him.
If you're excited too, let him know and leave him a comment. He's the kind of guy that thrives on words of affirmation and encouragement. I'll even post a few of my favourite photos for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure he'll put some more up after he gets back from his "hairy man weekend" in the bush with his buddies. I'm a little scared about what gonna go down there. All I know is they left with ALOT of junk food and paintball gear. Oh dear.

(clickity click the pics for full size.)
See how excited he is? Now tell him how excited you are for him! (July 6th) is his BIRTHDAY! Even more reason to leave him love!


Ashley said...


We are so happy for you! Corey and I saw first hand the fire that you both "ignite" in people. We both left you with a light feeling in our hearts that we hadn't had all weekend. We've seen both of your gifts in the family spectra of photography and now we are seeing yours, Dustin in the action community (for lack of other description.)

We are proud of you, proud to show of your photos (I just printed them this week!) and can't wait to see where God leads you and the fire that's becoming your careers!

Like I said a long time ago, I truely believe, you will be the "Anne Geddes" of your genre.

All the best and congrats again!

~Corey, Ashley, Bethany & Baby Pebble~



Jen said...


Really ... it's amazing when you find something that makes you happy, that challenges you, that provides income and that makes use of your talents.

Way to go Dustin! Christy has much to be proud about- and so do you.

Angella said...

Yay Dustin!

I have always appreciated the creative talents and gifts that God gave you. SO GLAD you are finally doing something you love (Besides your wife of course).

(Sorry. I couldn't help myself :))

Anonymous said...

Dad and I agree,we have seen you work so hard for your family,to privide for them. Now we are blessed to see you do something you love!and it shows! we are so poud of you. Mom and Dad V, Great pics!!!!!!!!!

Filtering life said...

Rock on brother love! They look amazing. Your motion blur is fantastic. So happy for you guys, truly! WE only wish we could live closer and be the dynamic photography foursome! Dominating the US and Canada of course.

Vicki said...

you are a rockstar. those pictures are amazing!!! congratulations! wow!

Amanda said...

Awesome. Just awesome. That is all.

Janice Vandyk said...

i love the panning pictures!!

Bloggy Mama said...

Ditto all of the above. Dustin, J and I are so thrilled that you are blessed in your current passions and where they are leading you. We know that you are perfectly sculpted and that you have been so hard-working for your family... now, it's paying off. Blessings. We will miss you, as you move, but our thoughts and prayers will be with you.
~Liz and Justin

Prue said...

Those panning shots are amazing!

Roz said...

Honestly - those pics are amazing!!

Feels like your right there watching it in action!

Dellbug said...

Happy Birthday Bustin!

Wish I was with you today. Actually we were with a man who was born on this same day- 60 years before you! His name's Joe. Brad's Grandpappy turned 88 today as you turned two-eight. How bout it?! We looked through old pictures and found one of him as a baby. Brad took a picture of his worn weathered hands, resting on his plaid blue polyester lap, holding this faded photograph of himself trapped in time about 87 years ago.
Ah Dust- I love to see that grin of yours! You are joy and you give joy! My mind was filled with thoughts of you today and with them came deep gratefulness. I carry you with me always. You are a warm light within me. Your photography excites me because I love that even though you are capturing other people and other places you are also capturing your own reflection because you hone in on what makes you tick- what ignites your own wonder and with one look at a photograph, everyone who looks at it can know in a "snap" a facet of YOU- and with the thousands of pictures you have taken and the millions you will yet- that just goes to show the height, depth and width of your person (by no means implying that you're a huge fat sack of fat or a fatty Mcfatterson or a large lardy lardo or... nothing like that!). Anyhoooos... LOVES to you from me, your brother, and your sweet niece Chloe who adores you, and your little baby niecey Brielle Zabub.

bytheby, loved your singsong on our answering machine. Was gonna call tonight but pears like yer not home and your out cavorting with your fellow hairy men? So.. we'ls be speaking to you later. (Found a letter from Mom in all my unpacking here. In it, she used the word "chortle". Love it). GNight.

Susie said...

These are SO AMAZING. Of course, everytime I come to this site I see amazing pictures. Good for you for accomplishing a dream, and may God continue to bless you as you use the talents he gave you.


Karalyn said...

Amazing Pictures! Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Those photos are INCREDIBLE!!

Amanda Franks said...

Those pictures are truly great! I think your eye for good shots is amazing. I hope that you have many more opportunities to perfect your art; isn't it cool when your work feels like play? And even though I don't know you AT ALL, I wish you guys all the best in your photography biz, your pictures are amazing.

Jeremy said...

Hey, an occasional lurker here. Love these shots...lots of visual intensity and real action conveyed. The words about finding a more fulfilling path resonated with me too.

I had a weird small-town moment last winter when I went for coffee at the Beanery with my little guy (who obliged me by snoozing the entire time). Right behind my sleeping baby was this guy talking to a co-worker. I knew the guy was Dustin because of this blog, of course, even though we had never met. And please forgive me for eavesdropping, but I didn't have much to do while sipping my coffee, and the "conversation" was happening about ten feet from my left ear.

Anyway, Dustin was talking about self-actualization, about choosing to create a life with meaning, one that really matched his values...not just chasing more money or staying stuck on the same old treadmill. I really wasn't trying to listen, but he was so passionate about it, and much of it was ringing true for me as well. I had just returned to work after parental leave and was feeling complacent, like I had missed an opportunity to do something more interesting.

The disappointing thing was that the guy Dustin was sitting with couldn't give a shit. He was texting and checking messages on his phone most of the time, not bothering to respond with anything more than an occasional grunt or half-nod. I wanted to lean in and say, "dude, your friend here is saying some pretty important things; you might want to at least pay attention!"

So, I've dragged this out way too long...all to say that it's great to see him pursuing a creative path, perhaps hitting his work stride without having to resort to some form of poverty in the transition. And yes, the photos are awesome too.