Monday, September 22, 2008

Better Late than....Later.

I've always been a procrastinator. I was one of those students that stayed up all night and did their social studies report the night before it was due. I'm not sure why I'm this kind of person because it really makes my life less enjoyable. I keep telling myself that I'm going to start getting up at six o'clock and making the kids their breakfast early and have Ben's lunch made the night before. I convince myself that I'm going to set out all our clothes to save the kids their indecision. And then the alarming noise of my clock alerts me to morning and I can't seem to convince my body that those necessary tasks are more important than enjoying a few more minutes (or hours) of a cozy warm bed. I suppose you can't teach an old dog new tricks.
I suppose my point here is that I keep meaning to post photos of our Summer and the months just keep going by. So here I am late...handing in my "report" of our summer. Other than packing up and moving we did manage to have a little fun here and there. One day we headed up to Calgary with the cousins and Grandparents to have a little fun at the zoo. Little did we know we picked the hottest and busiest day of the year to go. We only managed to lose one child and it was only for about five minutes but still not a fun few minutes for this poor girl's heart. All is takes is but a few seconds for a little girl to go missing in a crowd of people so large. Much props go to the staff at the zoo who are always on the lookout for crying kids and were able to hold Megan safe until I ran panicked and wild-eyed to the lost and found. Nothing feels better than to wrap your child up in your arms after all the "worst-case scenarios" have gone flying through your head. From now on every time we go to a busy place each child will have our names, address and cell number on a piece of paper in their pockets. Sheesh.

Josh....what does a T-Rex look like?

Baby Joseph....being a doll.

Ben...having the time of his life at the zoo.

As I reflect back, I honestly can't remember what he was crying about. I DO remember, however, that I was VERY minor. Isn't it always?Where's Liv?

Awwww Yeeeah!

Meggie, I am so glad we found you.....
Hey D, how does it feel to follow six kids around the zoo in 30 plus weather?Yeah, that's what I thought.

Maybe next year I'll post some fall photos. ;)


Bloggy Mama said...

We wrote our phone number on the kids' necks, arms, legs and forheads(pretty much) in INK when we went to the PNE. I figured we had ourselves covered. It looks like it was a grand adventure. Love the update. Love you.

Jen said...

Those kids all look like they could be brothers and sisters. Strong family resemblance!

All adorable.

Prue said...

I can't believe how much older Olivia looks!

Amanda said...

Glad you found your kid. :)
Great pics. It's just so weird that you weren't here this summer, and also that you're not here now. And when I say "weird" I mean unbearable, miserable and unjust.

Ashley said...

It doesn't matter when the photos show up as long as they do eventually. It's like a super huge reward for those of us who are a little ummm, well anal about checking all their fav blogs everyday. (ahem, not me of course)

Looks like you had fun and glad you found your jail bird. I bet she'll never wander off again :)