Sunday, April 24, 2005

Ben Light Year

So, Christy is at the table, Ben, the top of the stairs. They both are pursuing independance. The two must meet at the climax, the zenith of their individuality and then stare in awe.
The woman at the table sits in her moment soaking in all the peace she can, siezing the opportunity to rediscover her interests, declaring in her silence that she is Christy, a person, not just a mom... for a moment.
The boy at the top of the stairs has paused at the edge of his moment. Siezing the opportunity to discover his powers, his deepest strength, declaring into the silence, "To infinity and beyond!" Not just a boy, not just a Benny... for ALL TIME!
The pitter patter of little feet is comforting but the thumpity ffwomp bup bup brrak bap fwrrob plap of little body bouncing down the stairs is a nitrous shot of adrenaline. Christy's peace is fractured, Ben's powers somehow faltering. The two stare, stare in awe. Mom is sitting, pursuing something other than him. Benny is standing after choosing to step across a boundary. Christy leaps to the feet of Ben, "Sweety, are you okay?"
Ben, shaken, settles into her arms, "Did I fly?" A boy throws himself down 13 stairs to land on his feet and discover that it is not that he failed in flying, not that he does not have jet thrusters or fold out wings but that he must find a way to try again.

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