Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Exhausted 2 Extatic

I am pretty exhausted today. You see, Luke and I have been working extra hours this week so we can get this monstrous hardwood job done. Now, getting it done sooner is not to make more coin, although, that is a noble task at times. We are book'n so we can quickly start fixing a job that we faltered on. We gotta pull the hardwood up, pull the staples, then put it all back down, a second time.
Well, the exhaustion has officially been vapourised. Just as I wrote the end of the last paragraph the phone rang. Great news, great celebration, great friends, incredible friends now on the quick road to marriage. We love you, we love your love. So thankful for you and your character and all the character of Christ you have shown us and shared with us. We are so proud. Day has officially been made. Going to sleep to declare it done.

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