Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A rare kind of cute.

I wonder, do other people think my children are as adorable as i do? But then I wonder how could they not. Am I naive as those parents that think thier red, wrinkled, mucous-covered newborn is the cutest thing to grace this half of the hemisphere? Because I really do believe there is no child out there who can compare to the cuteness of mine. But then again who out there could even convince me otherwise. ch (christy heigh)

1 comment:

Danner said...

one word. CHLOE.

but yeah, you're right, Benny and Megs are in a cute camp all their own.

Chloe is just in a more advanced camp. I think she's the only camper at "Camp Chloe-the-Cute". But she says it's the funnest camp ever and perhaps one day her cousins will make the cut and they can take archery together and go canoeing. But until then she'll just visit them in Summerland.