Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sibling Rivalry?

It's funny when you have two kids you expect, or rather hope that the two of them will get along. It's interesting to take a step back sometimes and watch the two interact. It's especially interesting when I choose not to intervene and see what happens. For the most part Ben and Megan get along and enjoy each others' company. Ben always wants Megan to play with him and she prefers to do her own thing. Which in turn inspires Ben to either, A: lay on top of her so she can't go anywhere and ends up kicking and screming. Or B: push her over quite violently. Resulting in snot and tears. Sometimes though when she chooses to entertain him they will sit and play and laugh quite nicely together. I love this picture of them just chillin. And of course Ben has to be touching he or maybe he's preparing for a good kick. ch

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