Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Father of my Children

Sometimes it's difficult for me to grasp the fact that I'm married let alone have two children. It's been a real adventure bringing two littlepeople into our marriage. At times it's been hard and frustrating. And times when it's been amazing and rewarding. For the most part having children has been a blessing to our marriage and something that has brought Dustin and I closer together. But only because we've chosen to allow that bond to stregthen and worked at it. But there have been times when weeks would go by before we shared and actual conversation. Sometimes I long for the days when we can just be alone again. But I also know that these years are going by quickly and soon I will be longing for the days when my "little ones" were little. Thanks Dustin for supporting through all these years and even the years to come. You are the backbone to this marriage. Your love helps carry me through these days. You are selfless and I love you for it. ch

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Seeker said...

True love never dies.
And sometimes spirits linger too.