Thursday, August 18, 2005

Aunty Becky.

I came across these pictures of my beautiful sister today. I know we look nothing alike but she is indeed my sister. She just ended up with the best combination of genes from both sides of the family resulting a tall, dark, skinny,KNOCKOUT. Life just isn't fair. She's lucky I like her at all. Never mind that. I love her. It's only been the last few years (since I moved out of the house) that we've really started to get close. Before that, our relationship consisted of stealing clothes, and stealing them back. And our conversations always steered along the lines of "GET OUT OF MY ROOM.....MOOOOOOOMM!!!" It's nice to discover that your sibling actually have value and ohmygosh a personality since leaving home. I really do wish that I could see more of her. SHe's getting married in June 2006 to a wonderful guy named Travis Fletcher. I can't believe my baby sister is growing up so fast. I still remember taking her to kindergarten. My mom had to pry Becky's hands from around her own neck and stuck her to me. I told her in my toughest most grade five voice that if anyone was mean to her, heads were gonna roll. The result of which she had recurring nightmares of peoples' heads rolling down the street. Wups.
And now she's all grown up pursuing a career of interior design (not decorating) and getting prepared to get married. And I thought Ben was growing up too fast.
We love you Becky and your sweet and gentle spirit. If only you knew how much Ben loves his Aunty Becky.

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