Friday, August 19, 2005

We have almost no pictures of Dustin and I together since Ben has been born. I've only come to this realisation since I started looking for one to post on our blog. There's always one of us behind the camera. This is something we will need to remedy. But, this one of D sleeping was just to precious to leave out. He actually falls asleep alot. Given a couch and thirty spare seconds, and he's out for the count. Almost every time we visit our friends Matt and Angella, he falls asleep on thier couch. It matters not that there's four yelling children clamouring over him. But that's what makes him so cute. Just look at that face! And I don't blame him for falling asleep either beacause he works like SO HARD. Especially because I know that his job isn't what he's passionate about. His selflessness keeps this family together. Putting dreams aside for the moment to allow me to be a full time mommy. Your love for God and our family Dustin is so big and keeps our family thriving. I'm so blessed, not only is he a selfess, loving, family man, but he's HOT!

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