Sunday, August 21, 2005

Baby lovin'

I can't believe how old my kids look in this picture. And Ben has his clothes on! They really are getting SO big. We had some long time friends of our visiting this weekend. Justin and Elizabeth deVries with thier new baby, Hunter. You can check out thier Blog on our links. It's so fun to see how much our kids LOVE new babies. Especially Ben. Except for the fact that he refuses to refer to Hunter as a boy. When Hunter would cry Ben would bring him his blankie. The comfort of all comfort to him. So, in my eyes that is such a generous loving thing. Because for Ben, blankie fixes ALL things, so it must work for crying babies too. And Megan was pretty sweet, getting up in the baby's face and planting open mouthed, wet kisses on his forehead. Why do all kids do kisses like that? The slobbery, open mouthed sort. I used to think that was gross until Ben came along and no amount of purulent green nose gobs or exessive fountains of saliva could keep me from smothering kisses all OVER his little face. It's not a wonder that when children get sick, it's an automatic sentence for the parent as well. I would say that it's worth it but, last time I ended up head in toilet, I really didn't think so.

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