Monday, August 22, 2005

BOMBARDED! (in a good way)

This weekend was so great. Dustin and I have been so blessed to have had an abundance of AMAZING friends placed in our lives. The kind of friends that really only only come around once in a lifetime and we keep getting more and more of them. I could tell you about them all but the list just keeps goin on and on. This weekend though, we spent with Justin and Elizabeth deVries and thier new baby Hunter. Dustin and Justin went to high school together. I love seeing Dustin with Justin it's like a hidden side of Dustin that's been caged inside and aching to get out is funally unleashed. All they have to do is make eye contact, not even say anything and they will laugh until thier sides hurt. I roll my eyes and thank my lucky stars I wasn't thier grade ten teacher but really I love it. They're also the kind of friends that are so awesome to have over because they're so generous and always bring us food. But the greatest part of all, is how we don't even have to do anything. There's no pressure to entertain. Just relax and be together. Justin and Liz, we love you guys. Why do you have to move to kamloops?


Elizabeth said...

I must admit that spending the weekend with you 2 and seeing some of the really wonderful people in your life makes me sad for 2 reasons.

1.) You will actually never move to "the 'loops"* because to do so would be leaving all the cool people in your lives. (some of which I was lucky to be shot at from on the paintball field.)

2.) We are moving 2 hours farther away, and though I refuse to verbally admit it, I'm sure the visits will inevitably be less frequent :(

So other than Dustin acting like a I really will miss our "the 'merland"* visits from our lives in "the 'lowna"*.


* refers to an affore mentioned conversation.

Danica said...

They're moving to Kamloops to be with us! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

christy said...

Hey, that's not fair. Now I'm pouting.